Tuesday, January 27, 2015


House Concurrent Resolutions


25.       By Del. Border, Ambler, Anderson, Arvon, Azinger, Blair, Cadle, Canterbury, Cooper, Espinosa, Evans, D., Faircloth, Gearheart, Hamrick, Hanshaw, Hill, Howell, Ihle, Kelly, Kessinger, Miller, Moffatt, Phillips, L., Romine, Rowan, Stansbury, Statler, Walters and Zatezalo - The US Army PFC Jessica Dawn Lynch Bridge - To Roads and Transportation then Rules


26.       By Delegates Marcum, H. White, R. Phillips, Rodighiero, Moffatt, Eldridge,

Moye, Byrd, Miley, Ambler, Arvon, Blair, Campbell, Caputo, Faircloth, Ferro, Folk, Hartman, Hicks, Householder, Howell, Ihle, Kessinger, Kurcaba, Longstreth, Lynch, Miller, Morgan, O’Neal, Overington, Perdue, Perry, L. Phillips, Pushkin, Reynolds, Rohrbach, P. Smith, R. Smith, Sobonya, Stansbury, Wagner, Walters, Westfall, B. White and Sponaugle- The Ingram's Way - To Roads and Transportation then Rules


27.       By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Armstead), Del. Walters, Evans, D. and Nelson, J. - The West Virginia Air National Guard 167th Fighter Squadron Memorial Bridge - To Roads and Transportation then Rules


House Joint Resolutions


13.       By Del. Overington, Householder, Moffatt, Espinosa, Upson, Frich, Phillips, R., Perdue, Hanshaw, Border and Miller - The Homestead Exemption Increase Amendment - To Judiciary then Finance


14.       By Del. Hamrick, Sobonya, Miller, Butler, Rohrbach and Nelson, J. - The School Board Election Amendment - To Education then Judiciary


House Resolutions


6.         By Del. Rowan, Evans, A. and Sponaugle - Proclaiming August 28, 2015, and every August 28 thereafter to be designated as Teachers' Day in Hardy, Grant and Hampshire counties of West Virginia. - To Education then Rules