Thursday, February 19, 2015


House Concurrent Resolutions


75.       By Del. Nelson, J., Statler, Phillips, R., McGeehan, Smith, R., Marcum, Wagner, Smith, P., Ihle, Eldridge and White, H. - Urging Joe Main, the Assistant Secretary for MSHA to reverse the agency's practice of requiring dust scrubbers on continuous mining machines be turned off in certain circumstances - To Industry and Labor then Rules


76.       By Del. Eldridge, Phillips, R., Marcum, Moffatt, Rodighiero, Perdue, White, H. and Hicks - The U. S. Army PFC Cornelious Wiley Memorial Bridge - To Roads and Transportation then Rules


77.       By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Armstead), Del. Howell, Anderson, Arvon, Blair, Border, Butler, Cadle, Canterbury, Cooper, Cowles, Duke, Evans, D., Folk, Frich, Hamilton, Hamrick, Hartman, Householder, Ihle, Kelly, Kessinger, Longstreth, McGeehan, Miley, Miller, Morgan, Overington, Pasdon, Perry, Phillips, R., Pushkin, Reynolds, Rowan, Smith, P., Stansbury, Statler, Walters, Weld, Westfall and Williams - Designating the second Friday in July as West Virginia Collector Car Appreciation Day - To Roads and Transportation


78.       By Del. Perdue and Hicks - The Darrell W. Sanders Memorial Highway (FN) - To Roads and Transportation then Rules


79.       By Del. Pethtel - The U. S. Army PFC Junior David Starkey Memorial Bridge - To Roads and Transportation then Rules


House Joint Resolutions


25.       By Del. Cowles - The Disabled Veteran Exemption From Ad Valorem Property Taxation Amendment - To Judiciary then Finance


26.       By Del. Lane and Shott - The Constitutional Officers Term Limit Amendment - To Judiciary