Thursday, March 12, 2015


House Concurrent Resolutions


142.     By Del. Perdue and Hicks - The U. S. Navy PO3 Roy Elmer "Doc" Moon Bridge - To Roads and Transportation then Rules


144.     By Del. Hanshaw and Mr. Speaker (Mr. Armstead) - The U. S. Army SGT Eugene Dawson Memorial Highway - To Roads and Transportation then Rules


145.     By Del. Ellington, Householder, Border and Perdue - Requesting the Joint Committee on Government and Finance to study direct primary care - To Rules


House Resolutions


17.       By Del. Walters - Expressing concern about the erosion of Freedom of the Press in the Republic of Turkey - To Rules


18.       By Del. Hamilton, Smith, P., Wagner, Lynch, Ashley, Overington, Ambler, Anderson, Mr. Speaker (Mr. Armstead), Arvon, Azinger, Bates, Blair, Boggs, Border, Butler, Byrd, Cadle, Campbell, Canterbury, Caputo, Cooper, Cowles, Deem, Duke, Eldridge, Ellington, Espinosa, Evans, A., Evans, D., Faircloth, Fast, Ferro, Fleischauer, Fluharty, Folk, Foster, Frich, Gearheart, Guthrie, Hamrick, Hanshaw, Hartman, Hicks, Hornbuckle, Hill, Householder, Howell, Ihle, Ireland, Kelly, Kurcaba, Lane, Longstreth, Manchin, Marcum, McCuskey, McGeehan, Kessinger, Miley, Miller, Moffatt, Moore, Morgan, Moye, Nelson, E., Nelson, J., O'Neal, Pasdon, Perdue, Perry, Pethtel, Phillips, L., Phillips, R., Pushkin, Reynolds, Rodighiero, Rohrbach, Romine, Rowan, Rowe, Shott, Skinner, Smith, R., Sobonya, Sponaugle, Stansbury, Statler, Storch, Summers, Trecost, Upson, Walters, Waxman, Weld, Westfall, White, B., White, H., Williams, Zatezalo, et al and all other members of the House - Memorializing the life of the Honorable Charles Raymond Shaffer.