Monday, January 26, 2015


SB 298 - Sen. Gaunch and Trump

Clarifying funds within Public Employees Retirement Fund

Pensions then Judiciary

SB 299 - Sen. Gaunch and Trump

Clarifying start date of State Police duty-related disability payments

Pensions then Judiciary

SB 300 - Sen. Gaunch and Trump

Relating to military service credit for PERS members (FN)

Pensions then Finance

SB 301 - Sen. Gaunch and Trump

Modifying definition of "member" in Municipal Police and Firefighters Retirement System (FN)

Pensions then Finance

SB 302 - Sen. Gaunch and Trump

Relating to state retirement plans (FN)

Pensions then Judiciary

SB 303 - Sen. Cole (Mr. President) and Kessler [By Request of the Executive]

Reducing sales tax proceeds dedicated to School Major Improvement Fund and School Construction Fund (FN)

Education then Finance

SB 304 - Sen. Miller, Williams, Beach, D. Hall, Nohe and Sypolt

Relating to farmers markets (IB)

Agriculture and Rural Development then Judiciary

SB 305 - Sen. Gaunch and Trump

Relating to state retirement system participation and concurrent employment provisions (FN)

Pensions then Finance

SB 306 - Sen. Ferns, Carmichael, D. Hall and Mullins

Establishing Intermediate Court of Appeals (FN)

Judiciary then Finance

SB 307 - Sen. Blair and Carmichael

Creating Paycheck Protection Act (FN)

Labor then Judiciary

SB 308 - Sen. Trump and Carmichael

Changing minimum interest rate paid on judgments or decrees


SB 309 - Sen. Trump, Laird and Walters

Authorizing Corrections Commissioner to enter into mutual aid agreements

Government Organization then Judiciary

SB 310 - Sen. Sypolt and Williams

Exempting nonprofit public utility companies from B&O tax


SB 311 - Sen. Beach

Changing Coopers Rock State Forest to Coopers Rock State Park

Natural Resources then Judiciary

SB 312 - Sen. Nohe, Boley, Leonhardt and Palumbo

Relating to disqualification of general election nominees for failure to file campaign finance statements


SB 313 - Sen. Nohe, Blair, Carmichael, Gaunch, D. Hall, M. Hall, Laird, Palumbo and Stollings

Relating to delinquency proceedings of insurers

Banking and Insurance then Judiciary

SR 12 - Sen. Unger, Snyder, Blair and Trump

Recognizing Leadership Berkeley