Tuesday, January 27, 2015


SB 314 - Sen. Nohe, Carmichael and Mullins

Authorizing indemnity settlement in occupational pneumoconiosis claims

Banking and Insurance then Judiciary

SB 315 - Sen. Mullins

Relating to civil actions filed under Consumer Protection Act


SB 316 - Sen. D. Hall, Leonhardt and Trump

Exempting veteran-owned business from certain fees paid to Secretary of State (FN)

Military then Finance

SB 317 - Sen. Miller, Beach, Laird, Walters and Woelfel

Relating to insurance coverage on state buildings and contents (FN)

Banking and Insurance then Judiciary

SB 318 - Sen. Trump, Karnes and Carmichael

Relating to payment of wages by employers


SB 319 - Sen. D. Hall and Trump

Relating to donation of Secretary of State overpayment fees


SB 320 - Sen. D. Hall and Trump

Standardizing notification process for revocation of certificates of authority


SB 321 - Sen. Blair

Creating Paycheck Protection Act

Labor then Judiciary

SB 322 - Sen. Nohe, Boley, Palumbo, Leonhardt and Trump

Eliminating mandatory electronic recount of ballots in recounts


SB 323 - Sen. Blair

Relating to municipal home rule

Government Organization then Finance

SB 324 - Sen. Blair, Trump, Laird, Kessler, D. Hall and Palumbo

Increasing number of participants in Home Rule Pilot Program

Government Organization then Finance

SB 325 - Sen. Nohe, Boley, Leonhardt, Sypolt, Palumbo and Trump

Relating to filing of candidates' financial disclosure statements


SB 326 - Sen. Nohe, Boley, Leonhardt, Sypolt, Palumbo and Trump

Eliminating campaign finance reporting by candidates for delegate to national convention


SB 327 - Sen. Williams

Requiring public hearing prior to fee simple transfer of real property to or from DNR and Division of Forestry

Natural Resources then Judiciary

SB 328 - Sen. Boley, Sypolt and D. Hall

Repealing code section relating to notary public fees


SB 329 - Sen. Walters, Leonhardt and Takubo

Requiring real property seller satisfy unpaid charges to county and municipality

Government Organization then Finance

SB 330 - Sen. Ferns

Adopting Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (FN)

Interstate Cooperation then Health and Human Resources

SB 331 - Sen. Palumbo

Relating to withdrawals and filling vacancies in candidacies


SB 332 - Sen. M. Hall

Relating to administrative fees for Tax Division, Department of Revenue (FN)


SB 333 - Sen. M. Hall

Repealing code section removing county officials from office for misconduct or negligence


SB 334 - Sen. Ferns

Relating to practice of medicine and surgery or podiatry (FN)

Government Organization then Health and Human Resources

SB 335 - Sen. Cole (Mr. President) and Kessler [By Request of the Executive]

Creating Access to Opioid Antagonists Act

Health and Human Resources

SB 336 - Sen. Ferns

Relating to powers and duties of Health Care Authority (FN)

Government Organization then Judiciary

SB 337 - Sen. Carmichael, Blair, Boso, Sypolt and Trump

Creating workplace freedom act


SB 338 - Sen. Palumbo, Gaunch, Snyder, M. Hall, Williams and Blair

Relating to Film Industry Investment tax credit

Economic Development then Finance

SB 339 - Sen. Carmichael

Reducing additional severance tax on coal (FN)

Energy, Industry and Mining then Finance

SB 340 - Sen. Trump and Carmichael

Requiring voter provide photo ID (FN)

Judiciary then Finance

SCR 13 - Sen. Ferns

Urging Congress propose balanced budget amendment


SR 13 - Sen. Sypolt and Boley

Designating January 27, 2015, Higher Education Day at Legislature


SR 14 - Sen. Karnes and Boso

Designating January 27, 2015, Randolph County Day at Legislature


SR 15 - Sen. Romano

Recognizing independent insurance agent Timothy W. Dyer