Wednesday, February 11, 2015


SB 454 - Sen. Prezioso, Beach, D. Hall, Kessler, Leonhardt, Plymale and Walters

Criminalizing trademark counterfeiting


SB 455 - Sen. Prezioso, Carmichael, D. Hall, Kessler, Leonhardt, Plymale, Walters and Williams

Relating to public higher education procurement and payment of expenses

Education then Finance

SB 456 - Sen. Takubo, Gaunch and Stollings

Relating to letters of merit in medical professional liability actions


SB 457 - Sen. Plymale

Relating to selection of school athletic coaches or other extracurricular activities coaches


SB 458 - Sen. Stollings

Relating to controlling methamphetamine (FN)

Health and Human Resources then Judiciary

SCR 25 - Sen. Prezioso, D. Hall, Plymale and Williams

Requesting DOH name bridge in Harrison County "U. S. Army PFC Nick A. Cavallaro Memorial Bridge" and "U. S. Army SSG Benjamin T. Portaro Memorial Bridge"


SCR 26 - Sen. Stollings

Requesting DOH name bridge in Boone County "USMC PFC Marshall Lee King Memorial Bridge"