Thursday, February 19, 2015

SB 515 - By - Sen.


Allowing Municipal Pensions Oversight Board invest funds with Investment Management Board or Board of Treasury Investments (FN)


SB 516 - Sen. Leonhardt

Relating to practice of advance practice registered nurses

Health and Human Resources then Finance

SB 517 - Sen. D. Hall

Exempting privilege of producing coalbed methane gas from severance tax (FN)


SB 518 - Sen. Blair, Carmichael, Snyder and Trump

Permitting county and municipal economic development authorities invest certain funds

Government Organization then Finance

SB 519 - Sen. Laird, Carmichael, Gaunch, Mullins, Palumbo, Prezioso, Stollings, Walters and Williams

Relating to Nonprofit Youth Organization Tax Exemption Support Amendment enabling legislation (FN)


SB 520 - Sen. Walters, Blair, Miller and Snyder

Creating Local Energy Efficiency Partnership Act

Government Organization then Finance

SB 521 - Sen. Kessler

Requiring employer provide group life insurance policy under certain circumstances

Banking and Insurance then Judiciary

SB 522 - Sen. Laird and Miller

Increasing wholesale liquor prices for promotion of travel and tourism


SB 523 - Sen. Cole (Mr. President) and Kessler [By Request of the Executive]

Creating Alcohol and Drug Overdose Prevention and Clemency Act


SB 524 - Sen. Prezioso and Sypolt

Requiring higher education institutions award transfer credit


SB 525 - Sen. M. Hall

Exempting services of individuals authorized to practice before IRS from consumers sales and service tax


SB 526 - Sen. Kessler and Miller

Relating to expungement of certain felony convictions


SCR 31 - Sen. Cole (Mr. President)

Authorizing meeting of Joint Select Committee on Tax Reform


SR 38 - Sen. Kirkendoll and Stollings

Recognizing WV Auxiliary of Wives Behind the Badge