Friday, February 20, 2015


SB 527 - Sen. Miller and D. Hall

Eliminating certain qualification requirements of Commissioner of Agriculture

Agriculture and Rural Development then Judiciary

SB 528 - Sen. Kessler, Beach, Laird, Miller, Snyder and Yost

Creating Earned Sick Time Act

Labor then Judiciary then Finance

SB 529 - Sen. Gaunch and Carmichael

Relating to PERS, SPRS and TRS benefits and costs (FN)


SB 530 - Sen. Yost, Ferns and Kessler

Extending income tax exemption for retirees receiving pensions from certain defined pension plans (FN)


SB 531 - Sen. Kessler, Palumbo, Romano, Stollings and Unger

Increasing cigarette tax to fund substance abuse and workforce development (FN)


SB 532 - Sen. Trump, Woelfel, Plymale, Stollings, Takubo, Prezioso, Carmichael, Ferns and Beach

Relating to civil liability immunity for clinical practice plans and medical and dental school personnel (FN)

Judiciary then Finance

SB 533 - Sen. Laird, D. Hall and Trump

Prohibiting visual obstruction of motor vehicle registration plates

Transportation and Infrastructure then Judiciary

SB 534 - Sen. Takubo

Increasing excise tax on cigarettes (FN)


SB 535 - Sen. Nohe

Exempting certain community rehabilitation programs from taxes on sales of personal property and services (FN)


SB 536 - Sen. Woelfel

Expanding definition of "kidnapping"


SB 537 - Sen. D. Hall

Changing mandatory school instructional time from days to minutes


SB 538 - Sen. Kirkendoll, Romano and Trump

Relating to hearings before Office of Administrative Hearings (FN)


SB 539 - Sen. Carmichael, D. Hall, Nohe and Trump

Relating to release of medical records in certain civil actions


SB 540 - Sen. Plymale, Palumbo, Prezioso and Stollings

Creating Office of Early Childhood Collaboration (FN)

Government Organization then Finance

SCR 32 - Sen. Blair

Amending Joint Rules of Senate and House of Delegates by adding Joint Rule 31, Unfinished Business


SCR 33 - Sen. Carmichael, M. Hall, Trump, Walters, Blair, Kessler, Laird and Miller

Requesting Joint Committee on Government and Finance study undeveloped land preservation and conservation tax credit program