Tuesday, February 2, 2016

4014.   By Del. Butler, Moffatt, Waxman, McGeehan, Espinosa, Kelly, Faircloth, Summers, Atkinson, Hamrick and Cowles - Preventing the State Board of Education from implementing common core academic standards and assessments - To Education

4348.   By Del. Frich, Canterbury, Ambler, Hamilton, Faircloth, Butler, McCuskey, Westfall, Trecost, Storch and Miller - Decreasing the basic compensation paid to members of the Legislature and salaries paid to other state officers by five percent (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance

4349.   By Del. Hill, Statler, Stansbury, Kessinger, Duke, Espinosa, Shott, Faircloth, Upson and Blair - Increasing the penalties for overtaking and passing a school bus - To Judiciary

4350.   By Del. Pushkin, Reynolds, Upson, McCuskey, Shott, Weld, Fleischauer, Guthrie, Byrd, Skinner and Marcum - Creating a domestic violence registry - To Judiciary

4351.   By Del. Westfall, Atkinson, Butler, Ihle, Cadle, B. White, Hamrick and McCuskey - Transferring the Cedar Lakes Camp and Conference Center from the West Virginia Board of Education to the Department of Agriculture - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Education

4352.   By Del. E. Nelson, Ellington, Summers, Waxman, Lane and Kurcaba - Relating to the selling of certain state owned health care facilities by the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Resources - To Health and Human Resources then Finance

4353.   By Del. Ellington, Summers, Stansbury and Rohrbach - Relating to testing for HIV and sexually transmitted diseases (FN) - To Health and Human Resources

4354.   By Del. Lane, Hamilton, Canterbury, Guthrie, Campbell, Hornbuckle, Sponaugle, Skinner, Byrd and Fluharty - Relating to notices of revocation of certificate of authority to conduct business - To Judiciary

4355.   By Del. Ellington, Rohrbach, Sobonya and Stansbury - Requiring the Bureau of Medical Services to request certain waivers from the Center from Medicaid and Medicare Services - To Health and Human Resources

4356.   By Del. McGeehan and Sponaugle - Allowing a group of affiliated voters to become a recognized political party under certain criteria - To Judiciary

4357.   By Del. McGeehan, Kurcaba, Folk, Azinger and Hamilton - Home Instruction Tax Relief Act (FN) - To Education then Finance

4358.   By Del. Statler, Kurcaba, Rohrbach, Sobonya, Summers, Ellington, Blair, Flanigan, Butler, Frich and Fleischauer - Relating to out of state physicians and surgeons traveling with sports teams within this state - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary

4359.   By Del. Miley, Trecost, Caputo, Boggs and Perdue - Requiring the issuance of a photo identification to persons employed as a security guard by a security guard firm - To Government Organization

4360.   By Del. Shaffer, Sponaugle, Shott, Reynolds, Miley, Mr. Speaker (Mr. Armstead), Hanshaw and Weld - Increasing the criminal penalty for the unlawful practice of law (FN) - To Judiciary

4361.   By Del. Marcum, Phillips, J. Nelson, Frich, P. White, R. Smith, Westfall, Rodighiero, Hicks, Faircloth and Wagner - Requiring that senior status circuit judges only fill vacancies in districts or counties in which they were not previously elected - To Judiciary

4362.   By Del. Kurcaba, Fleischauer, Statler, Householder, Espinosa, Overington, Weld, Summers, Blair, Byrd and Upson - Establishing a felony offense of strangulation - To Judiciary

4363.   By Del. Fleischauer, Moore, Morgan, Manchin, Longstreth, Caputo, Hornbuckle, P. White and Lynch - The Healthy and Safe Workplace Act - To Industry and Labor then Judiciary

4364.   By Del. Skinner, McGeehan, Hamrick, Fluharty, Householder, Blair, Sponaugle, Manchin, Miley, Byrd and Marcum - Internet Privacy Protection Act - To Judiciary

4365.   By Del. Ellington, Arvon, Bates, Cooper, Householder, Rohrbach, Stansbury, Summers and Waxman - Relating to the certificate of need process (FN) - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary