Monday, February 8, 2016

4427.   By Del. Duke - Providing identification to qualified law-enforcement officers to allow them to carry firearms for self-defense under the federal Law-Enforcement Officers Safety Act, and clarifying that prosecuting attorneys and assistant prosecuting attorneys may carry firearms for self-defense - To Judiciary

4428.   By Del. Householder, Faircloth, Rodighiero, Campbell, Perry and B. White - Clarifying that optometrists may continue to exercise the same prescriptive authority which they possessed prior to hydrocodone being reclassified - To Select Committee on Prevention and Treatment of Substance Abuse then Health and Human Resources

4429.   By Del. Howell, Rowan, A. Evans, Espinosa, Duke, Lane, Shott, Arvon, Stansbury, Blair and Cowles - Relating to events involving firearms and ammunition on former National Guard sites - To Education then Judiciary

4430.   By Del. Longstreth, Caputo, Manchin and Ferro - Eliminating exemption from hotel occupancy taxes on rental of hotel and motel rooms for thirty or more consecutive days (FN) - To Political Subdivisions then Finance

4431.   By Del. Fast, Kessinger and Perry - Relating to relocation or closure of state higher education institutions - To Education then Judiciary

4432.   By Del. Cowles, Ihle, O'Neal, Weld, Fleischauer, McCuskey and Pushkin - Clarifying procedures for removal of office of any person holding any county, school district or municipal office - To Political Subdivisions then Judiciary

4433.   By Del. Weld, Zatezalo, Storch and McGeehan - Allowing an adjustment to gross income for calculating the personal income tax liability of certain retirees (FN) - To Finance

4434.   By Del. Faircloth, Ihle, Stansbury, Hill, Kurcaba and Statler - Relating to limitations on tax certificates - To Roads and Transportation then Finance

4435.   By Del. R. Smith, Ireland, McCuskey and Marcum - Authorizing the Public Service Commission to approve expedited cost recovery of electric utility coal-fired boiler modernization and improvement projects - To Energy then Finance

4436.   By Del. Hicks, Perdue, Marcum, Reynolds, Shaffer, Deem, McGeehan, Folk, Moffatt and J. Nelson - Permitting probation officers to carry deadly weapons on school buses and property - To Education then Judiciary

4437.   By Del. Hicks, Marcum, Reynolds, Rodighiero, Shaffer, Faircloth, Frich, Moffatt, J. Nelson and Perdue - Creating tax credits for small businesses (FN) - To Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development then Finance

4438.   By Del. Summers, Ellington, Rohrbach, Waxman, Stansbury, Blair, Hamrick and Fast - Relating to the involuntary examination of individuals experiencing a psychiatric emergency or mental illness (FN) - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary

4439.   By Del. J. Nelson, Householder, Phillips, R. Smith, Ihle, McGeehan, Folk, Faircloth, Butler, Marcum and Perdue - Providing a tax credit for persons receiving a concealed weapons permit (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance

4440.   By Del. J. Nelson, Phillips, R. Smith, Eldridge, Moffatt, Kessinger, Arvon, O'Neal, Moore, B. White and Marcum - Relating to certain post-mining uses of lands subject to surface mining permits (FN) - To Energy then Finance

4441.   By Del. Arvon, Kessinger, Stansbury, A. Evans, Bates, Kurcaba and Hamilton - Prohibiting the sale of paraphernalia designed or marketed for use with controlled substances (FN) - To Select Committee on Prevention and Treatment of Substance Abuse then Judiciary

4442.   By Del. Hill, Caputo, Manchin, Hamilton, Atkinson and Ihle - Exempting farm wineries from taxation for sales of wine to retail outlets (FN) - To Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development then Finance

4443.   By Del. Sobonya, Rohrbach, J. Nelson, Miller, Border, Phillips, Hicks, Perry, Hornbuckle, Morgan and Perdue - Classifying the Marshall University Forensic Science Center as a criminal justice agency so that it can participate in the National Data Exchange - To Judiciary

4444.   By Del. Guthrie, Perry, Kessinger, Pushkin, Byrd, McCuskey, Stansbury, Rowe and B. White - West Virginia Community Homesteading Act (FN) - To Political Subdivisions then Judiciary

4445.   By Del. Hanshaw, Espinosa, Perry, Moye, Ambler, Cooper, D. Evans, Westfall and Ellington - Relating to the selection and purchase of instructional educational resources - To Education

4446.   By Del. Ellington, Householder, Arvon, Atkinson, Bates, Cooper, Flanigan, Sobonya, Stansbury, Summers and Waxman - Increasing teacher salaries (FN) - To Education then Finance

4447.   By Del. Espinosa, D. Evans, Perry, Anderson, Ferro and Duke - Granting a local school improvement council waiver for the purpose of increasing the compulsory school attendance age in Marshall County - To Education

4448.   By Del. Walters, McCuskey, Frich and Westfall - Clarifying that communication by a lender or debt collector which is allowed under the West Virginia Consumer Credit and Protection Act, likewise does not violate the provisions of the West Virginia Computer Crime and Abuse Act - To Banking and Insurance then Judiciary