Thursday, February 18, 2016

4607.†† By Del. Shott, Lane, Folk, Kessinger and Householder - Adding violations of law upon which a public servantís retirement plan may be forfeited (FN) - To Pensions and Retirement then the Judiciary

4608.†† By Del. Statler - Requiring the State Auditor to consider for payment a claim submitted by an electronically generated invoice - To Government Organization

4609.†† By Del. Fleischauer, Shaffer, Pushkin, Morgan, Hicks, Rowe, Fluharty, Rodighiero, Perdue, Campbell and Longstreth - West Virginia Residential Furniture and Children's Products Flame Retardants Act - To the Judiciary

4610.†† By Del. Folk, McGeehan, Faircloth, Walters, Perry, Azinger, Kelly, Wagner and Moye - Abolishing the West Virginia Council for Community and Technical College Education (FN) - To Education then Finance

4611.†† By Del. Folk, McGeehan, Faircloth, Walters, Perry, Azinger, Kelly, Wagner, Westfall, Romine and Moye - Abolishing the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission (FN) - To Education then Finance

4612.†† By Del. E. Nelson, Mr. Speaker (Mr. Armstead), Gearheart, Hamrick, Householder, Anderson, Shott, Storch, Espinosa, Howell and Boggs - Relating generally to tax increment financing and economic opportunity development districts (FN) - To Roads and Transportation then Finance

4613.†† By Del. Ireland, Anderson, Gearheart, Ambler, D. Evans, Border, Miller, Cooper, Hanshaw, Overington and Walters - Declaring rights-of-way held by the Division of Highways that are no longer publically travelled, or maintained, for five or more years, null and void (FN) - To Roads and Transportation then the Judiciary

4614.†† By Del. Walters, Perdue, Householder, Perry, Canterbury, Storch, Reynolds, O'Neal, Kurcaba, Folk and Howell - Relating to the medical loss ratio contained in any Medicaid managed care contract (FN) - To Banking and Insurance then Health and Human Resources

4615.†† By Del. Moffatt - Permitting municipalities to collect unpaid utility bills, trash, refuse, demolition, landfill fees or other fees (FN) - To Political Subdivisions then Finance

4616.†† By Del. Moffatt - Permitting county commissions the option of paying the salaries of county officials and their employees on a bi-weekly basis (FN) - To Political Subdivisions then Government Organization

4617.†† By Del. Espinosa and Duke - Authorizing legislative rules of the Higher Education Policy Commission regarding the Underwood-Smith Teacher Scholarship Program and Nursing Scholarship Program - To Education