Monday, February 22, 2016


House Concurrent Resolution


80.       By Del. Overington, Ambler, Anderson, Arvon, Atkinson, Azinger, Blair, Border, Butler, Cadle, Canterbury, Cooper, Ellington, Espinosa, D. Evans, Faircloth, Fast, Folk, Foster, Frich, Gearheart, Hill, Householder, Howell, Ihle, Ireland, Kessinger, Kurcaba, Marcum, McCuskey, McGeehan, Miller, Moffatt, E. Nelson, Phillips, Rohrbach, Rowan, R. Smith, Sobonya, Stansbury, Statler, Summers, Upson, Wagner, Walters, Waxman, Weld, Westfall, B. White and Zatezalo - Calling on and applying to the United States Congress to call a convention of the states- To the Judiciary then Rules

81.       By Del. Eldridge, Phillips, Marcum, Rodighiero, Moffatt and J. Nelson - Hill Brothers Memorial Bridge- To Roads and Transportation then Rules

82.       By Del. Rodighiero - U.S. Army SPC David H. Stamper Memorial Bridge- To Roads and Transportation then Rules

83.       By Del. Moffatt - U.S. Air Force SMSgt Billie E. 'Bunky' Hodge Bridge- To Roads and Transportation then Rules

84.       By Del. McGeehan - U.S. Marine Corps Cpl Mark Douglas Cool Memorial Bridge- To Roads and Transportation then Rules

85.       By Del. J. Nelson, R. Smith, Wagner, Westfall, Moffatt, Atkinson and McCuskey - U.S. Navy MM2 Carl E. Keeney and U.S. Army PFC Carl M. Nicholas Memorial Bridge- To Roads and Transportation then Rules

86.       By Del. Waxman, Rohrbach, Hamrick, Border, Butler, Cadle, Ellington, Espinosa, A. Evans, Fast, Frich, Hamilton, Hill, Kessinger, Lane, Miller, Statler and B. White - Designating April 16, 2016 as World Voice Day- To Rules

87.       By Del. Eldridge, Storch, Moore, Fluharty, Lynch, Bates, Phillips, Marcum, Arvon, Hicks and Blackwell - Proclaiming and making the fiddle the official musical instrument of the State of West Virginia- To Rules

House Joint Resolution

46.       By Del. Moffatt - Redistricting Amendment- To the Judiciary

House Resolution

13.       By Del. Border, Miller, D. Evans, Anderson, Azinger, Kelly, Deem, Sobonya, Butler, Waxman and Kessinger - Designating that March 2016 be proclaimed as Healthy Bodies Healthy Spirits Month- To Rules

14.       By Del. Perdue, Bates, Eldridge, Ferro, Gearheart, Guthrie, Hornbuckle, Lynch, Marcum, Moore, Morgan, Reynolds and Rodighiero - Memorializing the Armenian Genocide of 1915 through 1923 and Proclaiming April 24 as a Day of Remembrance- To Rules