Saturday, March 12, 2016


House Concurrent Resolution


119.     By Del. Canterbury - Requesting to study mechanism to allow nonresidents of a municipality to opt out of fire protection coverage by the municipality - To Rules

120.     By Del. Canterbury - Requesting to study potential improvements to pensions for retired teachers and public employees - To Rules

121.     By Del. Phillips - Requesting to study creating a mechanism for more frequent assessment procedures for County Commissions to reevaluate and appraise properties in areas that have been affected by a severe economic downturn- To Rules

122.     By Del. Mr. Speaker (Mr. Armstead) - Expressing the Legislature's support for continued research by the medical community to find a cure for Multiple System Atrophy- To Rules

123.     By Del. A. Evans, Hamilton and Eldridge - Requesting to study the impact of providing for the issuance of a home-based micro-processing permit for use by farmers market vendors- To Rules

124.     By Del. A. Evans, Hamilton and Eldridge - Requesting to study the impact to expand the list of persons the Commissioner of Agriculture may license to grow or cultivate industrial hemp- To Rules

125.     By Del. Perdue, Ambler, Bates, Byrd, Ellington, D. Evans, Flanigan, Fleischauer, Hicks, Manchin, Marcum, Morgan, Moye, Pushkin, Rodighiero, Skinner, R. Smith and P. White - Requesting Congressional Representatives of the State of WV to ask the federal government to reinstitute the Compassioinate Investigational New Drug Program- To Rules

126.     By Del. Summers, Fleischauer, Campbell, Ellington, Lane, Kurcaba, Cooper, Householder, Moore, Hornbuckle and Longstreth - Requesting study on the health care work force in the state of West Virginia- To Rules