Thursday, January 14, 2016


SB270.    By Sen. Gaunch

Repealing code relating to insurance polices

Banking and Insurance then Judiciary


SB271.    By Sen. Ferns and Gaunch

Conforming definition of attest services to Uniform Accountancy Act



SB272.    By Sen. Blair and Gaunch

Allowing investigators from Attorney General's office to carry concealed weapons



SB273.    By Sen. Ferns

Setting forth required provisions regarding prior authorization of drug benefits by insurers

Banking and Insurance then Judiciary


SB274.    By Sen. Walters

Relating to civil jurisdiction of magistrate courts



SB275.    By Sen. Walters

Creating low-interest student loan refinancing program for teachers (FN)

Education then Finance


SB276.    By Sen. Walters

Requiring all health care workers receive flu vaccination

Health and Human Resources then Judiciary


SB277.    By Sen. Carmichael

Adding definition and increasing criminal penalties for certain assaults and batteries (FN)




SB278.    By Sen. Ferns, Takubo and Walters

Clarifying Physicians' Mutual Insurance Company is not state or quasi-state actor

Banking and Insurance then Judiciary


SB279.    By Sen. Ferns

Specifying how assessed value of any share of natural resource property is to be determined (FN)

Natural Resources then Finance


SB280.    By Sen. Walters

Eliminating personnel sections or divisions within other state departments and agencies (FN)

Government Organization then Finance


SB281.    By Sen. Ferns

Requiring health care providers and facilities to notify patient when mammogram indicates dense breast tissue

Health and Human Resources


SB282.    By Sen. Walters and Carmichael

Requiring Secretary of Administration access and collect fee of 5 percent from certain special revenue funds (FN)

Government Organization then Finance


SB283.    By Sen. Ferns

Creating crime of arson when fire is caused by operation of a clandestine drug laboratory (FN)



SB284.    By Sen. Ferns

Providing for approval by county commission of all health policies enacted by local boards of health

Health and Human Resources then Government Organization




SB285.    By Sen. Ferns

Allowing adult adoptees and their descendants to access adoption records

Health and Human Resources then Judiciary


SB286.    By Sen. Trump

Creating Commission to Accelerate Statewide Coordination of Mental Health Services for Children and Adolescents (FN)

Health and Human Resources then Finance


SB287.    By Sen. Boso and Trump

Creating West Virginia Safer Workplaces Act

Labor then Judiciary


SB288.    By Sen. Trump

Creating one-day special license for charitable events to sell nonintoxicating beer and wine



SB289.    By Sen. Boso and Trump

Including intimidation of public official or employee in definition of "terrorist act" (FN)



SB290.    By Sen. Trump

Assignment of wages by employers and payment by payroll card



SB291.    By Sen. Trump

Law enforcement use of unmanned aircraft systems



SB292.    By Sen. Karnes

Creating income tax credits for certain educational expenses (FN)




SB293.    By Sen. Walters, Boso and Sypolt

Neighborhood Investment Program Act (FN)

Economic Development then Finance


SB294.    By Sen. Boso and Trump

Allowing employers have compulsory direct deposit of wages



SB295.    By Sen. Trump

Abolishing tort of outrage