Wednesday, January 27, 2016


SB392.    By Sen. Carmichael, Hall and Ashley

Transferring Cedar Lakes Camp from Board of Education to Department of Agriculture

Government Organization


SB393.    By Sen. Kessler

Eliminating fees charged to consumers for security freeze placed on credit report



SB394.    By Sen. Trump

Creating felony crime of prohibited sexual contact by psychotherapist

Banking and Insurance then Judiciary


SB395.    By Sen. Ferns

Extending expiration date for tax rate on eligible acute-care hospitals (FN)



SB396.    By Sen. Walters and Facemire

Preventing waste of oil and gas

Energy, Industry and Mining then Judiciary


SB397.    By Sen. Walters and Beach

Maintaining status quo in event bond indebtedness to Parkways Authority is eliminated (FN)

Transportation and Infrastructure then Finance


SB398.    By Sen. Trump, Palumbo, Gaunch, Williams, Beach, Yost and Miller

Revocation of certificate of authority to conduct business

Government Organization




SB399.    By Sen. Karnes and Miller

Establishing personal and corporate income tax credits for farmers donating edible agricultural products (FN)

Agriculture and Rural Development then Finance


SB400.    By Sen. Cole (Mr. President) and Kessler [By Request of the Executive]

Reducing amount of sales tax proceeds dedicated to School Major Improvement Fund



SB401.    By Sen. Takubo

Establishing criteria for hospital be designated comprehensive stroke center

Health and Human Resources


SB402.    By Sen. Hall

Excluding law-enforcement officers and firefighters pensions from state income taxes (FN)



SB403.    By Sen. Leonhardt and Williams

Relating to cooperative extension workers

Government Organization


SB404.    By Sen. Ferns

Removing prohibition on billing persons for testing for HIV and sexually transmitted diseases (FN)

Health and Human Resources then Finance


SB405.    By Sen. Trump, Leonhardt, Miller, Carmichael, Woelfel, Boso, Gaunch and Ashley

Creating felony offense of conspiracy in violation of Uniform Controlled Substances Act



SB406.    By Sen. Boso, Boley, Gaunch, Karnes, Leonhardt and Sypolt

Changing age date of attending school



SB407.    By Sen. Blair, Carmichael, Ferns, Gaunch, Mullins and Takubo

Increasing high-quality educational opportunities in public school system (FN)

Education then Finance


SB408.    By Sen. Hall, Ferns, Gaunch and Mullins

Relating to regulation and control of elections (FN)



SB409.    By Sen. Takubo

Requiring health insurers contract with physicians and health care facility providing services to Medicaid and Medicare recipients

Health and Human Resources


SB410.    By Sen. Trump

Creating Uniform Partition of Heirs Property Act



SCR13.    By Sen. Palumbo and Walters

Tom Williams Family Bridge



SR12.    By Sen. Walters

Recognizing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Day at Capitol



SR13.    By Sen. Kirkendoll

Designating January 31, 2016, as Day of Prayer for Coalfields