Friday, February 12, 2016


SB591.    By Sen. Trump, Gaunch, Walters, Ashley, Snyder, Beach, Takubo, Maynard, Kessler, Palumbo, Blair, Miller, Williams, Kirkendoll, Woelfel, Romano, Mullins, Unger, Laird and Sypolt

Relating to voter registration list maintenance and combined voter registration and driver licensing fund (FN)



SB592.    By Sen. Hall

Relating to pipeline safety (FN)

Government Organization


SB593.    By Sen. Carmichael

Clarifying disqualification from unemployment benefits



SB594.    By Sen. Prezioso

Requiring State Auditor consider for payment claim submitted by electronically generated invoice

Government Organization


SB595.    By Sen. Gaunch, Blair, Boso, Carmichael, Kirkendoll, Maynard, Prezioso, Stollings and Walters

Relating to retirement credit for members of WV National Guard (FN)

Pensions then Finance


SB596.    By Sen. Carmichael and Walters

Permitting natural gas companies enter upon real property in certain instances



SB597.    By Sen. Ferns

Relating to Health Care Authority (FN)

Health and Human Resources then Finance




SB598.    By Sen. Walters, Boso and Carmichael

Transferring all funds in Greyhound Breeding Development Fund to Excess Lottery Revenue Fund (FN)



SCR35.    By Sen. Stollings

Requesting WV Legislature proclaim week of March 7, 2016, through March 13, 2016, as MS Awareness Week



SR34.    By Sen. Palumbo, Walters, Gaunch, Takubo, Ashley, Beach, Blair, Boley, Boso, Carmichael, Cline, Cole (Mr. President), Facemire, Ferns, Hall, Karnes, Kessler, Kirkendoll, Laird, Leonhardt, Maynard, Miller, Mullins, Plymale, Prezioso, Romano, Snyder, Stollings, Sypolt, Trump, Unger, Williams, Woelfel and Yost

Memorializing life of Virginia Mae Ellars