Wednesday, February 17, 2016


SB611.    By Sen. Stollings

Including protocols for responding to after-school injuries or emergencies in school crisis response plans (FN)



SB612.    By Sen. Gaunch and Ashley

Limiting charges secured lender may recover from borrower on default



SB613.    By Sen. Gaunch and Ashley

Defining total capital for purposes of calculating state-chartered bank's lending limit

Banking and Insurance


SB614.    By Sen. Gaunch and Ashley

Conforming statute with court interpretation by replacing "unconscionable" with "fraudulent" when referring to conduct



SB615.    By Sen. Plymale

Including municipal land bank as agency within WV Land Reuse Agency Authorization Act

Government Organization


SB616.    By Sen. Boso, Ashley, Blair, Kirkendoll, Sypolt, Walters and Yost

Defining professional firefighter for purposes of Workers Compensation disability and death benefits

Judiciary then Finance




SB617.    By Sen. Blair

Returning all salaried and hourly state employees to semimonthly payment schedule for wages

Government Organization


SB618.    By Sen. Carmichael and Hall

Allowing Economic Development Authority to make loans to certain whitewater outfitters (FN)

Economic Development then Finance


SB619.    By Sen. Blair

2016 Regulatory Reform Act (FN)

Government Organization


SB620.    By Sen. Hall

Exempting State Police from Purchasing Division requirements

Government Organization


SB621.    By Sen. Palumbo, Ashley, Gaunch, Karnes, Mullins and Walters

Exempting taxicab companies with independent contract drivers from providing workers' compensation coverage



SCR37.    By Sen. Stollings

US Army PFC Willie Paul Wilson bridge



SR39.    By Sen. Leonhardt, Ferns, Cline, Unger, Blair, Beach and Boley

Designating February 17, 2016, as Nurses Unity Day at the Legislature