Saturday, February 20, 2016


SB639.    By Sen. Romano, Palumbo and Snyder

Requiring disclosure of dark money political expenditures

Judiciary then Finance


SB640.    By Sen. Kessler, Carmichael and Stollings

Creating Compassionate Use Act for Medical Cannabis

Health and Human Resources then Judiciary


SB641.    By Sen. Hall

Transferring revenues from certain greyhound racing funds to State Excess Lottery Revenue Fund (FN)



SB642.    By Sen. Sypolt

Relating to temporary higher education classified employees annual salary schedule

Education then Finance


SB643.    By Sen. Blair

Requiring individuals receiving unemployment compensation seek seasonal employment (FN)



SB644.    By Sen. Blair

Authorizing counties to offer license plates customized to county (FN)

Government Organization


SB645.    By Sen. Blair

Classifying Convention and Visitor's Bureau as public agency



SB646.    By Sen. Carmichael

Providing consent of lawful use of mineral property is not waste and does not constitute trespass



SB647.    By Sen. Blair

Exempting certain complimentary hotel rooms from occupancy tax (FN)

Government Organization then Finance


SB648.    By Sen. Blair

Allowing local authorities permit flashing traffic signals during low traffic times

Government Organization


SB649.    By Sen. Walters

Creating Minority Economic Development Advisory Team

Government Organization


SB650.    By Sen. Romano and Facemire

Creating DEP Public Improvements Fund

Government Organization


SB651.    By Sen. Trump

Modifying controlled substance monitoring program

Health and Human Resources then Judiciary


SB652.    By Sen. Kessler

Prohibiting DHHR from discontinuing bundled service funding and reimbursement system (FN)

Health and Human Resources


SB653.    By Sen. Karnes

Requiring higher education course catalogs include certain information

Education then Finance


SB654.    By Sen. Maynard, Cline and Mullins

Lowering severance tax on extracting coal (FN)



SB655.    By Sen. Ferns, Cline and Mullins

Reducing severance tax on coal to 4 percent (FN)



SB656.    By Sen. Laird

Creating Upper Kanawha Valley Resiliency and Revitalization Program

Government Organization


SB657.    By Sen. Blair

Relating to damages for medical monitoring



SB658.    By Sen. Gaunch, Carmichael, Stollings, Ferns and Takubo

Allowing licensed professionals donate time to care of indigent and needy in clinical setting

Health and Human Resources


SB659.    By Sen. Stollings (By Request)

Requiring drug testing for driver involved in accident resulting in death



SB660.    By Sen. Blair

Modifying requirements for board members of Board of Accountancy (FN)

Government Organization


SB661.    By Sen. Miller

Authorizing Division of Justice and Community Services make grants providing civil legal services to low income persons



SB662.    By Sen. Miller

Creating Food Production Act (FN)

Agriculture and Rural Development then Judiciary


SJR12.    By Sen. Blair

Homestead Home Value Exemption (FN)

Judiciary then Finance


SJR13.    By Sen. Blair

No Protected Class Amendment



SCR40.    By Sen. Leonhardt, Ashley, Blair, Boley, Boso, Carmichael, Cline, Facemire, Ferns, Gaunch, Hall, Karnes, Maynard, Mullins, Takubo, Walters, Williams and Yost

Encouraging Congress pass Toxic Exposure Research Act of 2016



SCR41.    By Sen. Stollings

US Army SGT Philip Ray Casto Memorial Bridge



SCR42.    By Sen. Kirkendoll and Stollings

US Navy LCDR Helen Elizabeth Peck Memorial Bridge