Monday, February 22, 2016


SB663.    By Sen. Maynard, Gaunch, Karnes and Takubo

Authorizing Commissioner of Highways permit DOH participate in construction or maintenance of publicly funded highway jobs (FN)



SB664.    By Sen. Stollings

Relating to licensing practice of athletic training

Health and Human Resources then Government Organization


SB665.    By Sen. Kessler

Providing for recordkeeping and creating database of sale or purchase total loss vehicles



SB666.    By Sen. Trump

Exempting certain veterans' organizations and video lottery licenses from local indoor smoking prohibition



SB667.    By Sen. Karnes

Protecting right to farm



SB668.    By Sen. Miller

Increasing excise tax on bottled soft drinks, syrups and dry mixtures



SB669.    By Sen. Boley

Requiring proficiency in civics as condition for high school or GED diploma



SB670.    By Sen. Carmichael and Ferns

Relating to filling vacancies in elected offices



SB671.    By Sen. Carmichael

Creating digital learning pilot project

Education then Finance


SB672.    By Sen. Hall

Clarifying lottery prize is WV source income for nonresident (FN)



SB673.    By Sen. Boso

Providing safe harbor valuation for measure of tax on limestone and sandstone (FN)



SB674.    By Sen. Kessler

Relating to taxes on alcohol (FN)



SB675.    By Sen. Snyder

Providing safe harbor valuation for measure of tax on limestone and sandstone (FN)



SB676.    By Sen. Sypolt

Requiring ACT and ACT Aspire used as comprehensive statewide student assessment



SB677.    By Sen. Takubo, Ashley, Gaunch, Maynard and Walters

Allowing Higher Education Policy Commission increase tuition for online courses



SB678.    By Sen. Walters

Relating to ownership and use of conduit providing telephone service

Government Organization


SB679.    By Sen. Maynard and Karnes

Establishing specific valuation for timberland for ad valorem property tax purposes



SB680.    By Sen. Unger

Establishing Board of Music Therapy

Government Organization


SB681.    By Sen. Maynard, Ashley, Boley and Leonhardt

Providing teachers' lessons plans be available on Internet to student and parents



SB682.    By Sen. Maynard, Ashley, Boley, Gaunch, Karnes, Leonhardt, Miller, Romano, Takubo and Woelfel

Authorizing telephone public utilities provide system of centrally located cellular telephone hot spots where signals are weak or unavailable

Government Organization


SB683.    By Sen. Maynard, Ashley, Boley, Carmichael, Gaunch, Miller, Romano and Woelfel

Allowing old or abandoned railway beds be used for lawful recreational purposes



SB684.    By Sen. Maynard, Boley, Carmichael, Karnes, Leonhardt, Miller, Romano, Takubo and Woelfel

Authorizing Director of DNR lease unused or abandoned railway routes to operate tourist excursions (FN)



SB685.    By Sen. Maynard, Gaunch and Karnes

Allowing individuals twenty-one years of age operate or ride motorcycle without helmet



SB686.    By Sen. Maynard, Carmichael, Gaunch, Karnes, Takubo and Walters

Allowing exception for locally authorized races on county or municipal roads



SB687.    By Sen. Maynard and Walters

Allowing mine reclamation sites be used for military installations or homeland security offices



SB688.    By Sen. Maynard, Ashley, Boley, Carmichael, Karnes, Miller, Romano, Takubo and Woelfel

Relating to county and regional solid waste facility siting plans

Government Organization


SB689.    By Sen. Maynard, Cline, Kirkendoll, Mullins, Plymale, Romano, Stollings and Woelfel

Seeking funding for completing construction of I-73 and I-74 (FN)



SB690.    By Sen. Mullins

Making second Friday of even-numbered years primary election day in WV beginning 2018



SB691.    By Sen. Boso

Modifying certain air pollution standards



SB692.    By Sen. Mullins and Walters

Establishing incentives for public schools to make recreational facilities available for public use (FN)

Education then Finance


SB693.    By Sen. Mullins

Seeking funding for completing construction of Coalfields Expressway (FN)



SB694.    By Sen. Gaunch

Regulation of pharmacy benefits managers

Health and Human Resources then Finance


SB695.    By Sen. Boso

Discontinuing requirements pertaining to payment of wages to workers employed by public agency in construction of public improvements (FN)

Government Organization


SB696.    By Sen. Karnes

Relating to disposition of seized firearms



SB697.    By Sen. Snyder and Romano

Clarifying reporting and disclosure requirements relating to election campaign contributions and spending

Judiciary then Finance


SB698.    By Sen. Boso, Boley and Walters

Permitting natural gas companies enter upon real property in certain instances for limited purposes



SB699.    By Sen. Karnes

Reauthorizing amendment allowing certain food products produced in private home kitchen for sale at farmers market

Health and Human Resources


SCR43.    By Sen. Maynard, Gaunch and Karnes

Requesting Joint Committee on Government and Finance study if economically beneficial to map, name and promote all existing unpaved trails



SR43.    By Sen. Carmichael

Designating February 22, 2016, as WV Arts Day



SR44.    By Sen. Unger and Trump

Recognizing WV State Historic Preservation Office