Saturday, March 12, 2016


SCR70.    By Sen. Takubo

Requesting study of allowing hunting on Sundays and effect on WV economy



SCR71.    By Sen. Takubo

Study line item reporting of TANF spending in WV



SR66.    By Sen. Walters, Gaunch, Palumbo, Takubo, Ashley, Beach, Blair, Boley, Boso, Carmichael, Cole (Mr. President), Cline, Facemire, Ferns, Hall, Karnes, Kessler, Kirkendoll, Laird, Leonhardt, Maynard, Miller, Mullins, Plymale, Prezioso, Romano, Snyder, Stollings, Sypolt, Trump, Unger, Williams, Woelfel and Yost

Memorializing life of Honorable Darrell E. Holmes