Tuesday, February 14, 2017

2001.   By Del. C. Lane, Sobonya, Moore, Kessinger, N. Foster and Householder - Relating to ethics and transparency in government - To the Judiciary

2419.   By Del. Upson, Espinosa, Householder, Longstreth, Robinson, Sobonya, Phillips, Hill, Ellington and Higginbotham - Defining and establishing the crime of cyberbullying - To the Judiciary

2420.   By Del. Westfall, Statler, B. White and Atkinson - Providing that the State Board of Education may delegate its Medicaid provider status and subsequent reimbursement to regional educational service agencies or county boards - To Education then Health and Human Resources

2421.   By Del. Overington, Frich, G. Foster, Wilson, Householder, Upson, Deem, N. Foster, Butler, Folk and Phillips - Requiring the accumulation of one and one-half years of instruction in the study of the Declaration of Independence and other founding American historical documents - To Education then the Judiciary

2422.   By Del. Robinson, Storch, Sobonya, Pushkin, Hornbuckle, Upson, Blair, Boggs, Lovejoy, Ellington and Isner - The Ryan Brown Addiction Prevention and Recovery Fund Act - To Prevention and Treatment of Substance Abuse then Finance

2423.   By Del. Howell, Arvon, Summers, Rohrbach, Ellington, Shott, Ward, Hamrick, Dean, Wilson and Atkinson - Relating to the criminal offense of therapeutic deception - To Health and Human Resources then the Judiciary

2424.   By Del. Howell, Hamrick, Arvon, Storch, Wilson, Ward, Ellington, Dean, Atkinson, Fast and Gearheart - Requiring that voter registration information appear on certain state issued identification cards - To the Judiciary

2425.   By Del. Walters, Howell, Rohrbach, Lewis, Frich, Blair, Hamrick, Kelly, Anderson and Gearheart - Authorizing licensees authorized to sell growlers of nonintoxicating beer to offer complimentary samples - To Prevention and Treatment of Substance Abuse then the Judiciary

2426.   By Del. Marcum, Phillips, C. Miller, Rodighiero, Sobonya, Rohrbach, Lovejoy, Maynard, Hamrick, Westfall and Overington - Requiring a minimum criminal penalty of life imprisonment for killing of an individual if based on his or her status as a law-enforcement officer (FN) - To the Judiciary

2427.   By Del. Howell, Arvon, Atkinson, Blair, Hamrick, Hartman, Lynch and Ferro - Requiring agencies listed in the online state phone directory to update certain employee information (FN) - To Government Organization

2428.   By Del. Kelly, Anderson, Criss, Higginbotham, Ambler, Hollen, Wagner, Ward, C. Romine, Cooper and Atkinson - Establishing additional substance abuse treatment facilities (FN) - To Prevention and Treatment of Substance Abuse then Finance

2429.   By Del. Overington, Wilson, Paynter, Frich, N. Foster, C. Lane, Butler, Sobonya, Folk, Fast and Higginbotham - Granting tax credits for parents and legal guardians whose children are in a home schooling program or private school (FN) - To Education then Finance

2430.   By Del. Howell, Hamrick, Frich, Hamilton and Blair - Permitting certain holders of concealed weapons permits to carry weapons of the grounds and buildings on the State Capitol Complex - To the Judiciary

2431.   By Del. Ellington and Rohrbach - Allowing influenza immunizations to be offered to patients and residents of specified facilities - To Health and Human Resources

2432.   By Del. Rowan, R. Romine, Overington, Hamilton, Phillips, Moye, Kelly, Pethtel, Rohrbach, Lynch and Ferro - Barring persons who are convicted of certain criminal offenses from acquiring property from their victims - To the Judiciary

2433.   By Del. Walters, Blair, Hamrick and Gearheart - Authorizing operators of a distillery or mini-distillery to offer for purchase and consumption liquor on the premises - To Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development then the Judiciary

2434.   By Del. Howell, Mr. Speaker (Mr. Armstead), Fast, Hanshaw, Kessinger, Hill, O'Neal, Lynch and Ambler - Relating to reevaluation of land damaged as a result of natural disaster (FN) - To Political Subdivisions then Finance

2435.   By Del. Walters - Relating to the disqualification of an employee for unemployment benefits - To Industry and Labor then the Judiciary

2436.   By Del. Gearheart, Householder, Storch, Butler, Folk, Howell and Ellington - Suspending the implementation of the school aid formula until the year 2021 - To Education then Finance

2437.   By Del. Hamrick, Sypolt, Cooper, C. Miller, Overington, Hamilton, Moore, Zatezalo, Frich, Atkinson and Ward - Exempting persons practicing animal husbandry from provisions requiring licensing of veterinarians (FN) - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Government Organization

2438.   By Del. Westfall and Cooper - Allowing county boards of education and regional educational service agencies to purchase computer technology from other than a state-wide contract - To Education then Government Organization

2439.   By Del. Westfall, B. White and Frich - Relating to insurance and unfair claim settlement practices - To Banking and Insurance then the Judiciary

2440.   By Del. Westfall, B. White, Boggs, Hartman, Frich and Hamrick - Relating generally to guaranteed asset protection waivers - To Banking and Insurance then the Judiciary

2441.   By Del. Wilson, Moore, McGeehan, Maynard, Paynter, Dean, Martin, Ward, Atkinson and Ambler - Permitting honorably discharged veterans to hunt, trap or fish in this state without first obtaining a license (FN) - To Veterans' Affairs and Homeland Security then Finance

2442.   By Del. Howell, Eldridge and Hamilton - Requiring a test that is identical to the civics portion of the naturalization test in order to graduate from high school or obtain a General Educational Development (GED) diploma (FN) - To Education

2443.   By Del. Folk, McGeehan, Butler, Upson, Hamrick, Wilson, Paynter, Phillips, Higginbotham, Blair and Martin - Establishing academic standards and assessment methods - To Education then Finance

2444.   By Del. Howell, Atkinson, Blair, Hamrick and Lynch - Requiring county commissions to maintain websites with specific information (FN) - To Political Subdivisions then Government Organization

2445.   By Del. Howell, Hamrick, Westfall and B. White - Allowing automobile auctions to obtain title to abandoned vehicles (FN) - To Roads and Transportation then the Judiciary

2446.   By Del. Howell, Arvon, Atkinson, Blair, Hamrick, Hartman, Lynch and Ferro - Relating to the requirement that all executive branch agencies maintain a website that contains specific information (FN) - To Government Organization