Friday, February 17, 2017

2528.   By Del. Hicks - Requiring the amount of child support to be paid is effective from the date the petition for the modification was filed - To the Judiciary

2529.   By Del. Pushkin, Walters, White, Storch, Westfall, Moore, Kelly, Miley, Williams, Hill and Higginbotham - Adding “sexual orientation” to the categories covered by the Human Rights Act - To Industry and Labor then the Judiciary

2530.   By Del. Walters - Relating to autocycles - To Roads and Transportation then the Judiciary

2531.   By Del. Walters - Allowing military personnel and reservists the additional five-year period to enter upon or recover land already allowed to infants and the insane - To Veterans' Affairs and Homeland Security then the Judiciary

2532.   By Del. Pushkin, C. Lane, McGeehan, Isner, Hornbuckle, Lovejoy, Brewer, Fluharty and Byrd - Allowing the expungement of certain felony convictions - To Industry and Labor then the Judiciary

2533.   By Del. Sobonya - Increasing the penalties for transporting controlled substances into the state (FN) - To Prevention and Treatment of Substance Abuse then the Judiciary

2534.   By Del. Walters - Authorizing local units of government to adopt local energy efficiency partnership programs - To Energy then Finance

2535.   By Del. Kelly, Rodighiero, Criss, Ward, Cooper, Rowan, R. Romine, Harshbarger, Hollen, Marcum and Hicks - Making it a criminal offense to disturb the peace (FN) - To the Judiciary

2536.   By Del. Walters, Boggs, Bates, Storch, Criss, Lovejoy and Ambler - West Virginia Second Chance for Employment Act - To Industry and Labor then the Judiciary

2537.   By Del. Kelly, Criss, Deem, Wagner, Ward, Atkinson, Cooper, Rowan, R. Romine, Harshbarger and Hollen - Relating to disability pensions of municipal employees - To Pensions and Retirement then Finance

2538.   By Del. Ellington, Summers, Rohrbach, Longstreth and Rodighiero - Relating to the licensure of physician assistants - To Health and Human Resources then Government Organization

2539.   By Del. A. Evans, Hamilton, Ambler, Wagner, R. Romine, Frich, Sponaugle, Lewis and Rowan - Permitting a housing authority to garnish delinquent rents and other amounts owed to the authority from the renter’s income tax refund (FN) - To the Judiciary then Finance

2540.   By Del. Ellington, Summers, Rohrbach, Cooper, Hollen, Sobonya and Rowan - Permitting a person to practice certain professions for limited time for a charitable function - To Government Organization