Wednesday, March 1, 2017

2741.   By Del. Sobonya, Householder, Blair, Frich, Hollen, Storch, Kessinger, Summers, N. Foster, Rohrbach and C. Miller - Relating to eligibility and fraud requirements for public assistance - To Government Organization then Finance

2742.   By Del. Fleischauer, Lynch, Boggs, Sponaugle, Hornbuckle, Bates, Marcum, Rodighiero, Hicks, Moye and Folk - School Consolidation Task Force - To Education

2743.   By Del. Rohrbach, Sobonya, C. Romine, C. Miller, Butler, Queen, Hill, Kessinger, Dean, Fast and Rowan - Requiring the release of an unemancipated minor's medical records for drug testing - To Political Subdivisions then the Judiciary

2744.   By Del. Hanshaw, Fleischauer, Lovejoy, Cooper, Ambler, Walters, Isner, Fluharty, R. Miller, Pushkin and Canestraro - Local Energy Efficiency Partnership Act - To Political Subdivisions then Finance

2745.   By Del. R. Miller, Robinson, Lane and Rowe - Adding the examination of Advanced Care Technician - To Political Subdivisions then Health and Human Resources

2746.   By Del. Howell - Requiring county commissions to maintain websites with specific information - To Political Subdivisions then Government Organization

2747.   By Del. Shott, R. Miller, Kessinger, Lane, Byrd and Isner - Updating the commitment order form sentencing courts are required to complete - To the Judiciary

2748.   By Del. Walters, Lane, Storch, Westfall, Higginbotham, Blair, Hornbuckle, Fluharty, Barrett, Pushkin and Hill - Prohibiting civil rights violations based on gender identity, or sexual orientation (FN) - To the Judiciary

2749.   By Del. Ellington - Exempting vehicles engaged in nonemergency transportation of Medicaid members from permit requirements (FN) - To Government Organization

2750.   By Del. Howell, Martin, Hamrick, Hill, Maynard, Paynter, Lewis, Arvon, Criss, McGeehan and Atkinson - Establishing a system at the county level for the dispatching of emergency towing services (FN) - To Political Subdivisions then Government Organization

2751.   By Del. Fluharty, Hornbuckle, McGeehan, Storch, Barrett, Sponaugle, White, Bates, Canestraro, Wilson and Pushkin - Legalizing sport pool betting - To the Judiciary then Finance

2752.   By Del. A. Evans, Wagner, Summers, Ambler, Eldridge, R. Romine, Hamilton, Rowan and Lewis - Relating to abuse and neglect of livestock (FN) - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then the Judiciary

2753.   By Del. Rodighiero, Rohrbach, Ellington, Summers, Longstreth, Fleischauer, Pushkin, Westfall, Hicks, Frich and Ward - Relating to modernization of the Physician Assistant Practice Act - To Health and Human Resources then the Judiciary

2754.   By Del. Ambler, Westfall, Butler, Harshbarger, Cooper and Walters - Relating to fire fees on nonresidents of a municipality (FN) - To Political Subdivisions then Finance

2755.   By Del. Walters and Howell - Requiring a seller of real property satisfy upon closing any unpaid charges owed - To Political Subdivisions then the Judiciary

2756.   By Del. Cooper, Maynard, Paynter, Harshbarger, Moore, Ambler and C. Miller - Making Promise scholarships available for students pursuing certificates or degrees through an accredited community and technical college (FN) - To Education then Finance

2757.   By Del. Lane, Cowles, Criss, G. Foster, Hollen, Kessinger, Moore and Sobonya - Relating to Medical Professional Liability - To Health and Human Resources then the Judiciary

2758.   By Del. Shott, R. Miller, Kessinger, Lane, Byrd and Isner - Amending the definition of “abused child” to include a child conceived as a result of an act of sexual assault (FN) - To the Judiciary

2759.   By Del. Ellington - Creating Statewide Interoperable Radio Network - To Government Organization then Finance

2760.   By Del. Walters, E. Nelson, Phillips, Marcum, Gearheart, Criss, Householder, Anderson, Westfall, Hartman and Hanshaw - Allowing state agencies to self-insure their own programs - To Banking and Insurance then Finance

2761.   By Del. Thompson, Caputo, R. Miller, Moye, Hornbuckle, Rohrbach and Marcum - Relating to qualifications of paraprofessionals, autism mentors and braille or sign support specialists (FN) - To Education then Finance

2762.   By Del. Marcum, Phillips, Eldridge, Hicks, Isner, Sponaugle, Williams, Iaquinta, Ferro, Brewer and Canestraro - Increasing the number of employees of the State Police Forensic Laboratory (FN) - To the Judiciary then Finance

2763.   By Del. Espinosa, Moore, Wilson, Cooper and Harshbarger - Relating to the approval by the Council for Community and Technical College Education of acquisitions - To Education then Finance

2764.   By Del. Espinosa, Statler, Harshbarger, Dean, Blair, Higginbotham, Westfall, Wilson, Moore, Cooper and Upson - Allowing the State Building Commission or the Higher Education Policy Commission to request and receive money from the Investment Management Board - To Education then Finance

2765.   By Del. Shott, R. Miller, Kessinger, Lane, Byrd and Isner - Establishing a new special revenue fund, designated the Court Advanced Technology Subscription Fund - To the Judiciary then Finance

2766.   By Del. Shott, R. Miller, Kessinger, Lane, Byrd and Isner - Establishing a new special revenue fund, designated the Adult Drug Court Participation Fund - To Prevention and Treatment of Substance Abuse then Finance

2767.   By Del. O'Neal, Hanshaw, Sobonya, Hollen, Moore, Kessinger, Summers, Fast, Overington and G. Foster - Authorizing the Secretary of State to transmit electronic versions of undeliverable mail to the circuit clerks - To Government Organization then the Judiciary

2768.   By Del. A. Evans and Storch - Modifying the penalties imposed on debt collectors who violate the provisions of the West Virginia Consumer Credit and Protection Act - To the Judiciary

2769.   By Del. C. Miller, Sobonya, Wilson, Folk, Cooper, Zatezalo, McGeehan, A. Evans, C. Romine, Maynard and Butler - Relating to the preservation of rights guaranteed by the West Virginia Constitution and the United States Constitution when deciding the comity of a legal decision in a foreign country - To the Judiciary

2770.   By Del. Rowe - Reducing regulatory control over academic programs of state institutions - To Education

2771.   By Del. Upson, Espinosa, Statler, Blair, Cooper, Ambler, Householder, Moore, Butler, Kessinger and Lewis - Relating to teaching certificates for teachers whose spouses are married to a member of the Armed Forces - To Veterans' Affairs and Homeland Security then Education

2772.   By Del. Brewer, Storch, Diserio, Ferro, R. Miller, Lovejoy, Moye, Caputo, Eldridge, Maynard and Robinson - Requiring welders working in the State of West Virginia to meet certain certification requirements - To Industry and Labor then Government Organization