Monday, February 13, 2017


House Concurrent Resolution

7.         By Del. Howell, Upson, Cowles, Walters, Folk, A. Evans, Rowan, Householder, Espinosa, Blair and Hamrick - Extending West Virginia Route 9 - To Roads and Transportation then Rules

8.         By Del. Butler - Dr. Roy and Marian Eshenaur Bridge- To Roads and Transportation then Rules

9.         By Del. Rowan - Frenchburg Bridge- To Roads and Transportation then Rules

10.       By Del. Ambler, Cooper, Moye, Householder and Rowan - John Cameron Brown Bridge- To Roads and Transportation then Rules

11.       By Del. Howell, Ambler, Arvon, Atkinson, Blair, Butler, Cooper, Ellington, A. Evans, Fast, Folk, G. Foster, Sypolt, Hamrick, Harshbarger, Higginbotham, Householder, Marcum, McGeehan, Rowan, Summers, Ward and Zatezalo - Environmental Protection Agency's Chesapeake Bay Initiative- To Rules

House Joint Resolution

10.       By Del. Rodighiero, Hicks, Marcum, Eldridge and Moye - Homestead Exemption Increase Amendment- To Finance then the Judiciary

11.       By Del. Overington, G. Foster and Upson - Prohibiting the Governmental Taking of Private Property for Private Use Amendment- To the Judiciary

12.       By Del. Overington, Frich and Gearheart - Super-Majority Required for Passage of Tax Bill Amendment- To Finance then the Judiciary

13.       By Del. Overington, Gearheart, Frich and Sobonya - Initiative, Referendum, and Recall Amendment- To the Judiciary

14.       By Del. Sponaugle, Marcum, Hicks, Hamilton and Phillips - Right to Hunt and Fish in West Virginia Amendment- To Agriculture and Natural Resources then the Judiciary

House Resolution

6.         By Del. Pyles - Preservation and Continued Operation of the Warner Theater - To Rules

7.         By Del. Pyles - Congratulating the Morgantown High School Red and Blue Marching Band for their participation in the 75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor Ceremonies and Parade- To Rules