Tuesday, February 21, 2017


House Concurrent Resolution

15.       By Del. C. Miller, Sobonya, McGeehan, Storch, Deem, Wagner, Rohrbach, Kelly, Zatezalo and Westfall - Requesting Congress to fully support the National Park Service’s recommendations to extend the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail to include additional sites along the Expedition’s Eastern Legacy- To Rules

16.       By Del. C. Miller, Maynard, Butler, Rohrbach, Sobonya, C. Romine, Hornbuckle and Higginbotham - Charles Ranald Bannerman & Beatrice ‘Billy’ Bannerman Memorial Bridge- To Roads and Transportation then Rules

17.       By Del. Phillips, Eldridge, R. Miller, Rodighiero, Marcum and Maynard - Betty Jo Delong Memorial Bridge- To Roads and Transportation then Rules

18.       By Del. Walters and Howell - Assembly of State Legislatures Official Rules- To the Judiciary

House Joint Resolution

19.       By Del. Wilson, Upson, Sypolt, Kessinger, Phillips, C. Miller, Rodighiero, N. Foster, Hollen, Rowan and Frich - Life Begins at Conception Amendment- To the Judiciary

House Resolution

7.         By Del. Pyles, C. Romine, Lynch, Pethtel, R. Romine, Boggs, Ferro, Hartman, Brewer, Iaquinta and Love - Congress To Protect Social Security and Medicare- To Rules