Friday, February 24, 2017


House Concurrent Resolution

24.       By Del. Hamilton and Lynch - SGT. Eugene E. Arbogast Memorial Bridge- To Rules

25.       By Del. Hicks and Thompson - U.S. Army PVT Charles E. Ellis and U.S. Army PVT Ira V. Ellis Memorial Bridge- To Rules

26.       By Del. Pyles, Caputo, Pethtel, Longstreth, Upson, Fleischauer, Lynch, Williams, Summers, Statler and Frich - Naming the NASA IV & V Facility at Fairmont for West Virginia mathematician Katherine Coleman Johnson- To Rules

27.       By Del. Rodighiero - U.S. Army 1LT Patricia Simon Bridge- To Roads and Transportation then Rules

House Resolution

8.         By Del. Pyles, Lynch, Iaquinta, Hartman, Love, Caputo, Ferro, C. Romine, Rowe, Fleischauer and Pethtel - Increasing the Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment- To Senior Citizen Issues then Rules