Tuesday, March 28, 2017


House Concurrent Resolution

108.     By Del. Eldridge, Maynard, Hornbuckle, C. Romine, Lovejoy, R. Miller, Rodighiero, Lane, White, C. Miller, Rohrbach and Phillips - Feasibility study of building a road to best connect the Rock Creek Development Park area in Lincoln County to Cabell County- To Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development then Rules

House Resolution

15.       By Del. Howell, Ambler, Arvon, Baldwin, Blair, Brewer, Butler, Criss, Dean, Diserio, Eldridge, Espinosa, A. Evans, Fast, G. Foster, N. Foster, Gearheart, Hamilton, Hamrick, Harshbarger, Hicks, Higginbotham, Hill, Iaquinta, Kessinger, Love, Lynch, Martin, Maynard, Overington, Paynter, Pyles, Queen, Rodighiero, Rohrbach, C. Romine, R. Romine, Rowan, Sobonya, Sponaugle, Statler, Summers, Sypolt, Thompson, Wagner, Walters, White, Williams and Wilson - Supporting the passage of HR 1315 introduced in the United States House of Representatives to roll back ethanol fuel requirements- To Rules