Monday, February 20, 2017


SB350.    By Sen. Blair

Allowing licensed professional counselors be issued temporary permit (FN)

Government Organization


SB351.    By Sen. Smith

Relating to emergency medical services (FN)

Government Organization


SB352.    By Sen. Smith, Cline and Rucker

Allowing utility consumers use consumer protection laws when questioning billing issues

Government Organization then Judiciary


SB353.    By Sen. Smith, Cline, Rucker and Sypolt

Specifying duties of telecommunications company

Transportation and Infrastructure then Judiciary


SB354.    By Sen. Gaunch

Relating to municipalities' policemen and firemen pension plans

Pensions then Finance


SB355.    By Sen. Gaunch

Relating to required minimum distribution of retirement benefits from plans administered by CPRB (FN)

Pensions then Finance


SB356.    By Sen. Carmichael (Mr. President) and Prezioso [By Request of the Executive]

Allowing School Building Authority transfer funds to special revenue account in state Treasury (FN)

Education then Finance


SR15.    By Sen. Gaunch and Jeffries

Recognizing centennial year of City of Nitro





SR16.    By Sen. Takubo

Designating June West Virginia Post-Traumatic Stress Injury Awareness Month and June 27 West Virginia Post-Traumatic Stress Injury Day