Thursday, March 16, 2017


SB621.    By Sen. Boso

Providing certain rules inapplicable after county board of education notifies state board of possible closing or consolidations



SB622.    By Sen. Hall

Relating generally to tax procedures and administration



SB623.    By Sen. Hall

Changing license period for horse and dog racing (FN)



SB624.    By Sen. Hall

Decreasing minimum number of live racing days horse racing licensee must conduct



SB625.    By Sen. Hall

Relating generally to charitable bingo and raffles



SB626.    By Sen. Maynard

Relating to online posting of required calendar of scheduled activities



SB627.    By Sen. Karnes

Establishing 80 miles per hour speed limit on state highways

Transportation and Infrastructure


SB628.    By Sen. Rucker, Boso, Sypolt and Trump

Relating to providing funding for Statewide Interoperable Radio Network (FN)

Judiciary then Finance




SB629.    By Sen. Boso

Relating to collection of Tier II fees for chemical inventories (FN)

Government Organization then Finance


SB630.    By Sen. Mann, Hall and Sypolt

Establishing Accessibility and Equity in Public Education Enhancement Act



SJR8.    By Sen. Karnes

Fair and Simple Tax Reform or FASTR amendment

Tax Reform then Judiciary


SCR42.    By Sen. Boso

Five Champ Brothers Bridge



SR38.    By Sen. Palumbo

Recognizing Karen Donathan for winning Award for Teaching Excellence in Computer Science



SR39.    By Sen. Palumbo

Designating March 16, 2017, as Innovation and Entrepreneurship day