State Capitol Facts

Did you know that West Virginia's Capitol has nine different types of marble? They include: Tennessee, Imperial Danby Vermont, Belgian Black and Gold, Italian Brown, Pink Georgian from France, and verd antique marbles.

The Lampshades along the walls in front of the House and Senate Chambers are Italian Alabaster.

The exterior walls of the wings and main unit are made of Indiana select buff limestone.

The Legislative Desks are made of Black Walnut and are the original ones from 1932.

The chandelier in the dome weighs 4,000 pounds and has the lighting power of 15,000 candles. Every four years before the Governor's inauguration, the the chandelier is lowered to the ground floor for cleaning.

The chandeliers in the House and Senate Chambers each has 10,000 pieces of rock crystal.

When the Capitol was under construction, the West Wing was the first to be completed. The East Wing was second in completion and the Main Unit was the last to be completed.

The gold leafing on the dome is not the original gold. When the building was completed, it was guilded; however, the leafing peeled off. The dome was repainted with West Virginia Blue amd Gold colors. In the 1980s, the dome was guilded once again.

At 292 feet, West Virginia's capitol dome is approximately 4 1/2 feet taller than our nation's capitol buiding dome in Washington, D.C.