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    Senate Bill 255 (Reference No. 2005R1120), would amend West Virginia Code §18B-10-7 to include parole officers and probation officers.
    As stated below:
    §18B-10-7 “Tuition and fee waivers for children and spouses of officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty.
    Each state institution of higher education shall permit any person to attend its undergraduate courses and classes if classroom space is available without charging such person any tuition or any fees, including those provided in sections two and three of this article, if such person is the child or spouse of a law-enforcement officer as defined in section one, article twenty-nine, chapter thirty of this code…”
    If a parole or probation officer were killed in the line of duty and his/her spouse or children would take advantage of this opportunity, the estimated cost could be projected as follows:
    The average cost of regular tuition and fees for an in-state full-time undergraduate student for Academic Year 2004-2005 is:
     $3,547 per student if attending a four-year institution
     $2,388 per student if attending a two-year institution
    According to the Department of Corrections, as of February 2005, to the best of their knowledge, one parole or probation officer was killed in the line of duty during the past year. It is not possible to project how many parole or probation officers’ spouses or children would take advantage of this bill.

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    Clarification should be made as to what constitutes "killed in the line of duty" since there could be different interpretations of what is considered within the line of duty.

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