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    The purpose of this bill is to define subrogation rights and procedures for the West Virginia Public Employees Insurance Agency (PEIA).
    The Public Employees Insurance Agency currently has the statutory ability to pursue subrogation recoveries, but the statute provides no procedures or delineation of rights. This bill would strengthen the PEIA subrogation rights and provide structure to the subrogation process.
    The PEIA estimates that subrogation recoveries going forward could increase by up to approximately fifty percent as cases develop over time after the statutory change.
    The PEIA has collected subrogation recoveries in the amount of $933,766 for the first half of FY-2012. For purposes of this projection PEIA will trend the increase 30% for FY-2013, 40% for FY-2014 and 50% for FY-2015. Subrogation recoveries are projected to be approximately $7,843,548.
    FY-2013 $ 2,427,765
    FY-2014 $ 2,614,516
    FY-2015 $ 2,801.267
    TOTAL $ 7,843,548

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Other 0 0 0
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