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    This bill simply gives the DOC the authority to contract with non-profit organizations to provide transitional housing. Currently, we do not have that authority. We would need to seek funding from this body should we identify non-profit organization(s) that were willing to enter into a contract thru the proper bidding procedures. So passage would simply give us the ability to move forward with identifying such organizations and then appear back before this body to seek funding.
    Based on recent research conducted by the WV Division of Corrections, an estimated cost for a facility as described in the proposed legislation would be $55-$60 per inmate per day. This per diem can fluctuate dramatically depending on physical plant needs, staffing, available programming and other services, etc. As of Friday, March 2, 2012, the WVDOC had 436 inmates on “further consideration,” meaning that at their parole hearing, one or more required documents were not available and the WV Parole Board could not hold a hearing. One of the more common reasons for these delays is the lack of a Home Plan acceptable to the Board. Transitional Housing as described in this bill could serve as acceptable housing and allow these inmates a better opportunity for parole consideration. Approximately, 350 of the 436 further considerations mentioned previously were due in whole or in part to the lack of an acceptable home plan, this number is expected to grow as the overall population continues to increase. Additionally, part of the per diem can be offset by charging rent to those inmates that can afford it, sliding scales would be available for indigent inmates and those that had not as yet obtained employment.

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