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    Senate Bill 500 (SB500) authorizes county commissions to levy a $1.00 fee on each ski lift ticket sold in its county to fund local emergency medical services. The fees would not impact the general or other revenues of the state, just the revenues of the three counties with ski resorts, Mercer, Pocahontas and Tucker.
    The State Treasurer's Office (STO) contacted the Division of Tourism of the Department of Commerce and was provided with the name of a contact person, who in in turn provided the names and information of contacts for the four ski resorts in West Virginia. Only Canaan Valley provided the requested information. The other ski resorts stated that they did not have to provide the information, or needed additional time to respond. Ski lift tickets are sold for the day, for night skiing, for weekends, for weeks and for various other periods of time. SB500 assesses a $1.00 fee per ticket, not per day, etc. Canaan Valley responded that it sold 25,458 tickets on average.
    As to the estimated number of ski lift tickets sold at the four ski resorts in West Virginia, we are informed that it is estimated Winterplace would probably sell the smallest number of ski lift tickets and Snowshoe the largest. Canaan Valley probably sells slightly less than the number of tickets sold at Timberline. The number of tickets sold each year will vary, depending on skiing conditions and other factors.
    If an average of 25,000 tickets is sold at Canaan Valley, it is estimated that Tucker County, home of Canaan Valley and Timberline, would receive approximately $50,000 per year, Mercer County would probably receive $20,000 per year and Pocahontas County would probably receive $30,000 per year. These of course are only estimates, extrapolated from the minimal information we were able to obtain.

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2. Estimated Total Revenues 0 0 0

Explanation of above estimates (including long-range effect):

    Please see Fiscal Note Summary above.


    SB500 uses the phrase "local emergency medical services" as to the use of the fees, which is somewhat vague, and does not specify into which county fund the fees are to be deposited.

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