Date Requested: February 01, 2019
Time Requested: 12:21 PM
Agency: Military Affairs and Public Safety, WV Department of
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2556 Introduced HB2815
CBD Subject: Crime


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Decreases Existing Expenses

Fiscal Note Summary

Effect this measure will have on costs and revenues of state government.

    As of the end of FY2018, the WV Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation had 378 offenders incarcerated for Grand Larceny as their most serious offense. In addition, during FY2018, 265 new offenders were sentenced to WVDCR custody with Grand Larceny as their most serious offense. The proposed legislation could have a significant positive fiscal impact on the WVDCR.
    The WVDCR does not have statistics on how much was stolen by each Grand Larceny offender, however, since this crime category represents such a large portion of our offender population, even modest reductions in admissions for grand larceny would have significant positive fiscal impacts.
    For example, if the number of Grand Larceny offenders incarcerated would drop by just 25%, the State of West Virginia would save $2,445,565 per year (95 offenders X average cost per offender in FY2018 - $25,879).

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