Date Requested: February 18, 2015
Time Requested: 11:18 AM
Agency: Education, Department of
CBD Number: Version: Bill Number: Resolution Number:
2189 Amendment SB14
CBD Subject: Education (K12)


Sources of Revenue:

General Fund

Legislation creates:

Neither Program nor Fund

Fiscal Note Summary

Effect this measure will have on costs and revenues of state government.

    This bill allows for the creation of public charter schools, and places certain duties and responsibilities upon the West Virginia Board of Education (WVBE). The WVBE is required to establish annual training programs including programs for charter school applicants, administrators, and governing board members. Further, the WVBE is charted with establishing a pre-application training program to assist those interested in creating a charter school with the application process. In providing training, the WVBE is required to consult with nationally recognized charter school organizations. By June 30, 2016, WVBE is required to develop and broadly publicize an RFP that gives detailed direction of specific components that must be in a charter school application. Before the RFP is issued, the WVBE must develop a strategic vision for and interest in chartering and a framework for public charter oversight and evaluation for inclusion therein. The WVBE is also charged with considering any appeals from applicants for authorization, and from public charter school governing boards relating to renewal and revocation.
    The WVBE is permitted to charge up to 1% of the per pupil total program allowance received by a public charter school to cover the costs of performing its duties and obligations under the amendment.

Fiscal Note Detail

Effect of Proposal Fiscal Year
Fiscal Year
(Upon Full
1. Estmated Total Cost 0 75,000 75,000
Personal Services 0 0 0
Current Expenses 0 0 0
Repairs and Alterations 0 0 0
Assets 0 0 0
Other 0 0 0
2. Estimated Total Revenues 0 0 0

Explanation of above estimates (including long-range effect):

    In preparing this fiscal note, the WVBE contacted other states that passed comparable legislation establishing charter schools. Specifically, the WVBE discussed anticipated costs with the Delaware Board of Education, which oversees a state of similar geographic size and student enrollment, and recently established charter schools under similar legislation. Delaware advised that costs to establish training programs, a strategic plan, and framework for governance cost $150,000.00. Delaware secured a matching grant of $75,000.00, from the National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA). Delaware's direct costs were thus $75,000.00.
    The WVBE contacted NACSA to determine the plausibility of obtaining a comparable matching grant. NACSA advised that Delaware's grant was awarded from exhausted one-time funds. NACSA advised that certain competitive grants might become available through local and national philanthropies. While the WVBE is dedicated to doing everything in its power to secure similar matching funds, there is no guarantee of access. Because the WVBE is charged with establishing three different categories of training, as well as a strategic plan and general framework, it believes that $75,000.00 is the best estimate to fulfill responsibilities outlined in the bill.



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