Appointment of House Employees
9. For the performance of technical, clerical, stenographic, custodial and other services required by the House, at the beginning of each regular session of the Legislature, upon the recommendation of the Committee on Rules, the Speaker shall appoint such persons to the various positions herein specified, in such number as he shall deem necessary to efficiently carry on the work of the House, but not to exceed the total number herein authorized.
(1) For the Clerk's department the following:
One docket and calendar clerk, who shall number each bill and resolution and keep a correct record of the status thereof, make the proper endorsements on all bills, resolutions, memorials and petitions, keep a record of the proceedings of the House to be used in preparation of the daily Journal, and prepare a daily calendar; one House reporter, who shall be a competent stenographer and typist and shall daily take, collate and transcribe and arrange in logical orders such matters and things as are required for the official records and the House Journal and perform all other necessary duties in relation thereto; two roll call and record clerks, who shall prepare the roll calls for printing, and, under the supervision of the docket and calendar clerk, perform such other duties as may be assigned them; one supervisor of proofreading and five proofreaders, who shall have a knowledge of and experience in proofreading, as evidenced by such test as the Committee on Rules may require; one bookkeeper and payroll clerk, who, under the supervision of the Clerk, shall keep the accounts of the House and prepare requisitions for payment of compensation of officers and employees, and bills for services, supplies and contingent expenses; one supply clerk, who shall keep and issue supplies and keep an inventory of all properties, equipment and supplies; one bill editor, who shall read and edit all bills before introduction thereof; one enrolling clerk, who shall serve as clerk to the committee on enrolled bills and shall have some knowledge of and experience in proofreading; one parliamentary clerk, who shall serve as House parliamentarian and assist in the preparation of the House Journal and other publications; and one Journal stenographer, who shall type and compile the House Journal.
(2) For other duties and positions the following:
One supervisor of stenographers and fifteen legislative stenographers, who shall be expert in stenography and typing, to perform general stenographic and clerical duties for members and committees; eight typists; eight committee clerks, who shall serve as general committee clerks and perform such other duties as may be assigned them; one clerk, one assistant clerk and two stenographers to the Committee on the Judiciary; one clerk, one assistant clerk and one stenographer to the Committee on Finance; one superintendent of the House document room and five document room clerks; one superintendent of the mailing room and three mailing room clerks; two assistant sergeants at arms, one clerk and one secretary to the sergeant at arms; six assistant doorkeepers; one voting machine and sound technician; two public-address system technicians; four pages; one general information clerk; one supervisor of duplicating department and two duplicating machine operators; five collating and file clerks; two cloakroom attendants; and one chief janitor and five assistant janitors.
(3) In addition to the foregoing, the Speaker may appoint a House chaplain, a secretary, a clerk, a stenographer and, if needed, five general legislative clerks to perform such duties as he shall direct; the majority leader may appoint a secretary and a stenographer; the minority leader may appoint a counsel, a clerk to the minority, an assistant clerk to the minority, a secretary to the minority leader and a stenographer to the minority leader; and the Clerk of the House of Delegates may appoint a secretary, a stenographer and three assistant clerks.
At an extraordinary session of the Legislature, the committee shall recommend only such persons for appointment to positions designated for regular sessions as shall be necessary to perform the duties incident to the work of the session. Such persons as are recommended shall be selected with due regard to experience and qualifications.
All employees of the House shall report each day to the Clerk of the House of Delegates or some person designated by him, and the Clerk shall keep a record of the attendance of such employees, and no employee shall be paid for days he is not in attendance, Sundays excepted, unless excused by the Committee on Rules. All employees shall be on duty daily during such hours as shall be designated by the Committee on Rules. The appointing authority shall have power to discharge any employee at any time. The word "employee" as herein used shall include all persons employed by the House.
Notwithstanding designation of positions or duties herein prescribed, any employee may be assigned additional duties by the person by whom appointed, and may be assigned to such positions and duties as may be deemed proper to secure the most efficient and expeditious work.
The employees designated herein shall not include personnel required to staff a drafting office or drafting service authorized and maintained by the House. The Speaker shall make such appointments for this purpose as the House shall authorize.
The compensation of all employees shall be fixed by resolution.