Appointment of Committees and Subcommittees
l0. The Speaker shall appoint all committees, except when the House shall otherwise order. In appointing standing committees he shall designate a chairman and may designate a vice chairman. In the absence of the chairman of a committee having a vice chairman, such vice chairman shall preside, and if there be no vice chairman, the committee shall elect a temporary chairman. When the House authorizes the appointment of a committee, the Speaker may wait until the next legislative day to appoint the same.
The Speaker may also name subcommittees of standing committees, prescribe their jurisdiction and designate the chairmen thereof. Legislative proposals and other business coming within the prescribed jurisdiction of any established subcommittee of a standing committee shall upon being committed to such standing committee be referred by the chairman thereof to the appropriate subcommittee. Reports of subcommittees shall be made to the committee and not to the House.