Duties of Clerk
17. It shall be the Clerk's duty to read to the House all papers ordered to be read; to call the roll and note and report the absentees, when a call of the House is ordered; to call the roll and note the answers of members, when a question is taken by yeas and nays; to assist, under the direction of the Speaker, in taking the count when any vote of the House is taken; to notify committees of their appointment and the business referred to them; to superintend the execution of all printing ordered by the House, and to report to the Speaker, to be submitted to the House, every failure of the printer to execute the same properly and promptly. He shall attest all writs, warrants and subpoenas issued by order of the House and shall certify to the passage of all bills, and to the adoption of all joint and concurrent resolutions by the Legislature. In addition to his other duties, the Clerk shall keep the accounts for pay and mileage of members, officers and employees, and for printing and other contingent expenses of the House, and prepare and sign warrants or requisitions for the same.
The Clerk shall superintend the recording of the Journal of the proceedings, the engrossing and enrolling of bills, and shall cause to be kept and prepared for the printer the Daily Journal of the proceedings of the House.