Sergeant at Arms


22. It shall be the duty of the Sergeant at Arms to attend the House and the Committee of the Whole during their sittings and to maintain order under the direction of the Speaker. He shall execute the commands of the House from time to time, together with such process, issued by the authority thereof, as shall be directed to him by the Speaker.
Under the direction of the Speaker, he shall superintend the distribution of all documents and papers to be distributed to the members. He shall see that no person, except those authorized to do so, disturbs or interferes with the desks of the members, or with the books, papers, etc., thereat.
He shall have charge under the Speaker for the purpose of maintaining order of the Hall of the House, its lobby, galleries and other rooms in the Capitol assigned for its use, and shall exclude from the floor all persons not entitled to the privilege of the same. He shall attend to seating visitors, and shall see that the janitors and cloak-room attendants perform their duties, and see that the House Chamber is properly ventilated, heated, and lighted.