Putting Questions and Voting

Putting Questions; Division

41. All questions on which the yeas and nays are not taken shall be put distinctly in this form, to wit: "As many as are in favor (as the question may be) say 'Aye'," and after the affirmative vote is expressed, "As many as are opposed say 'No'." If the Speaker be in doubt as to the result, or if a division is called for by any member, the House shall divide. Those in the affirmative of the question shall first rise from their seats and be counted, and afterwards those in the negative. The count may be made by the Speaker, or, if he so directs, by the Clerk, or two members, one from each side, to be named for that purpose by the Speaker. When the result is ascertained, the Speaker shall rise and state the decision of the House. Such vote shall not be printed in the Journal unless the yeas and nays are called for by one tenth of the members present.