Voting by Machine
49a. A voting machine may be used in taking the yeas and nays on any question, for quorum calls and for determining the result when a division is demanded. When a vote is to be taken on the voting machine, the Speaker shall announce the question to be voted upon and direct the Clerk to prepare the machine. The Clerk shall then sound the gong which shall be notice to all members to vote. After reasonable time has been given all members to vote the Speaker shall ask the question, "Have all members voted?," vote himself, if the vote being taken is upon a question on which he is required to vote, and then direct the Clerk to close the machine and ascertain the result. As soon as this is done, the Clerk shall hand the record of the vote to the Speaker and he shall promptly announce the result. No vote may be changed after it has been recorded.
No member shall vote for another member, nor shall any person not a member cast a vote for a member. In addition to such penalties as may be prescribed by law, any member who shall vote or attempt to vote for another member may be expelled as a member of the House or punished in such other manner as the House may determine. If a person not a member shall vote or attempt to vote for any member, he shall be barred from the floor of the House for the remainder of the session and may be further punished in such manner as the House may deem proper, in addition to such punishment as may be prescribed by law.
All other rules governing voting and the taking of the yeas and nays, insofar as applicable, shall apply to taking votes by means of the voting machine.