65. The daily order of business shall be as follows:
I. To read, correct, and approve the Journal.
II.Introduction of guests.
III.To receive and consider reports of standing committees.
IV.To receive and consider reports of select committees.
V.To receive and consider messages from the Executive, state officials, and other communications and remonstrances.
VI.To receive messages from the Senate, and consider amendments proposed by the Senate to bills passed by the House.
VII.To receive (a) resolutions, (b) petitions, (c) motions.
VIII. Bills introduced on motion for leave and referred to appropriate committees.
IX.To act on unfinished business of the preceding day, and resolutions lying over from previous day, but no resolution shall lose its place on the calendar by not being acted upon on the day following that on which it was offered.
X.House and Senate Bills on third reading.
XI.House and Senate Bills on second reading.
XII.House and Senate Bills on first reading.
XIII.To act upon leave of absence for members.
XIV.Remarks by members of the House.
XV.Miscellaneous business.
Item XIV, Remarks by members of the House, shall not be operative after the forty-seventh day of the session.