Standing Committees.
76. At the commencement of each Legislature, the Speaker shall appoint the standing committees established by this rule. The Speaker shall refer bills introduced, resolutions offered, and messages, petitions, memorials and other matters presented to such committee as he shall deem appropriate to consider and report thereon.
Standing committees are hereby created as follows:
1. Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources
2. Committee on Banking and Insurance
3. Committee on Constitutional Revision
4. Committee on Education
5. Committee on Finance
6. Committee on Government Organization
7. Committee on Health and Human Resources
8. Committee on Industry and Labor, Economic Development and Small Business
9. Committee on Interstate Cooperation
10. Committee on the Judiciary
11. Committee on Pensions and Retirement
12. Committee on Political Subdivisions
13. Committee on Roads and Transportation
14. Committee on Rules
15. Committee on Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security"