Committee Meetings
83. Meetings of all committees shall be upon a call of the chairman, but no committee shall sit during a session of the House without leave of the House. It shall be the duty of the chairman of a committee to announce, or have announced, from the floor of the House, or by the Speaker or Clerk, during the session of the House, the time and place of the next meeting of the committee, and at such time, if practicable, announce the bills, resolutions or other business to be considered at such meeting. In case of failure of the chairman of any committee to call a meeting of such committee upon the request of a member, then fifty percent or more of the members of such committee shall have a right to call a meeting of such committee.
Notwithstanding any other rule to the contrary, on motions to report a bill or a resolution to the House, to table a bill or a resolution or to postpone consideration of a bill or a resolution indefinitely, the clerk of the committee shall make a record of the vote and following adjournment of the meeting make available to the public a list showing those voting in the affirmative or those voting in the negative, whichever shall be the smaller number, and those absent and not voting.
All meetings of standing committees shall be open, except a standing committee may, by a majority vote of the members present, hold an executive session for the specific purposes of: (1) Conducting committee discussion of legislative personnel; (2) conducting committee discussion of state government personnel; (3) consideration of and action on charges against a member of the House; or (4) where such meetings involve compiling information, investigating accusations or taking testimony which, if publicly disclosed, might unjustly injure or unfairly reflect on the reputation of innocent persons: Provided, That the Committee on Rules, while holding an executive session for the specific purposes of (1), (2), (3) and (4) above, shall by roll call vote record any definitive action and shall make such vote record available to the public.
In no other instances shall a vote be taken while a standing committee is holding an executive session.