Correctional System Fiscal Impact Note
95b. Prior to consideration, by the House or by any committee thereof, of any bill which proposes to create new criminal conduct punishable by incarceration, or either increases or decreases any criminal penalty involving a term of incarceration, the Division of Corrections, in conjunction with any applicable State agency, shall provide a correctional system fiscal impact note outlining the projected fiscal impact on the State’s correctional system of the legislative proposal. The note shall include projected increases or decreases in persons incarcerated, the fiscal impact the proposal likely will have on existing availability of correctional facilities and facility space; whether the proposal will likely decrease or increase inmate populations and, in the case of increased inmate populations, whether additional costs will necessarily be incurred for expanded and increased correctional or jail facilities, equipment and personnel and, if so, the projected cost therefor.

In the case of a bill which either increases or decreases the revenue or fiscal liability of the State or any county, municipality or other subdivision of the State, nothing herein shall prohibit consideration of such a bill if, in the opinion of the chairman of the committee to which the bill has been referred, or in the opinion of the Speaker, a reasonable time has elapsed since a fiscal note was requested and no fiscal note or an incomplete fiscal note has been furnished.

No act shall be void or voidable for noncompliance with this rule.

Rule 95b, as herein set forth, shall take effect January 1, 2007.