Policy of the House as to Concurrent and House Resolutions; Defining Purpose and Scope of Such Resolutions; Preintroduction Review by Committee on Rules.
108a. It is hereby declared to be the policy of the House of Delegates that concurrent and house resolutions be limited to the general purposes set forth in subdivisions (2) and (3) of Rule 108 and shall be restricted to expressions of sentiments and actions having a bearing upon matters incident to legislative business and the functioning of the legislative process insofar as possible.
Such resolutions shall not embrace congratulatory expressions to individuals, organizations, associations or other entities having no relation to the Legislature or public affairs generally, athletic events, scholastic contests, or any other matter not related to the scope and areas of legislative business: Provided, That this rule shall not bar the introduction of resolutions memorializing deceased members of the Legislature and public officials or commending or congratulating public officials on actions in connection with governmental affairs.
Before any concurrent or house resolution is filed with the Clerk for introduction, it shall be submitted to the Committee on Rules for determination of compliance with this rule and no such resolution shall be introduced without the approval of said committee.