Printing Official Copies
130. After the printed Journal has been approved and fully marked for correction, the type from which it was printed shall be changed in accordance therewith. From the type so corrected shall be printed the number of copies required by law for the regular bound volumes of the Journal, which shall be properly indexed. In addition thereto six copies shall be printed on 6x9 heavy weight bond paper, with a certificate at the end thereof, certifying that the same is the Official Journal of the House and the same shall be signed by the Speaker and Clerk. Such printed Journal shall be the official record of the House. They shall be bound in flexible binding, and bear the imprint on the back, "Official Journal of the House of Delegates of West Virginia," with designation of regular or special session, as the case may be, and the year. After being signed by the proper officers, two of these copies shall be retained in the office of the Clerk, and one copy shall be lodged in the office of the Governor, one with the Secretary of State, one with the Department of Archives and History, and one with the Clerk of the Senate.