Miscellaneous Rules

Persons Admitted to the Floor--Members' Gallery

136. No person except members of the Congress of the United States, members of the State Senate, former members of the West Virginia Legislature, the Clerk of the Senate, duly accredited representatives of the press, radio and television, and legislative employees engaged in the proper discharge of their duties shall be admitted within the House Chamber while the House is in session. No introductions shall be made while the House is in session. At the convening of the House, the Sergeant at Arms shall see that all persons not entitled to the privilege of the floor under this rule retire from the Chamber.
The west or center balcony of the House Chamber shall be designated "Members' Gallery" and reserved for guests of members of the House, and admission thereto shall be by pass in such form as may be approved by the Committee on Rules and signed by member issuing the same to a guest.