House Rules

1. Officers and Their Compensation
2. Vote to Be Viva Voce
3. Call to Order
4. Preservation of Order
5. Decorum in Debate
6. Questions of Order
7. Preserving Order in Galleries
8. Appointment of Speaker Pro Tempore
9. Appointment of House Employees
10. Appointment of Committees and Subcommittees
11. Chairman of Committee on Rules
12. Acts and Writs Signed by the Speaker
13. Putting Questions
14. Vote of the Speaker
15. Examination of Journal
16. Charge of Clerical Business of House
17. Duties of Clerk
18. Clerk to Have Custody of All Records
19. Appointment of Assistants
20. Clerk to Have Charge of All Printing
21. Payment for Printing
22. Sergeant at Arms- Duties
23. Doorkeeper-Duites
24. Absence From the House
25. Every Member to Vote
26. Members Shall Be in Places When Voting
27. Quorum
28. When Less Than Quorum Present
29. Taking Members into Custody
30. Punishment of Members
31. Providing for Undisturbed Transaction of Business
32. Debate-Recognition and Decorum
33. Recognition by the Chair
34. Mover of Question to Have Preference in Debate
35. Member Out of Order
36. Calling to Order for Words Spoken in Debate
37. Decorum During Debate
38. Limitation on Debate
39. Members Not to Be Disturbed While Speaking
40. Speaking Before Negative is Put
41. Putting Questions; Division
42. Yeas and Nays
43. Pairs
44. Division of Question
45. Calling of Yeas and Nays
46. Tie Vote Loses Question
47. Verification of Vote
48. Explanation of Vote
49. When Members Not to Vote
49A. Voting by Machine
50. Stating the Question
51. Form of Motion
52. Withdrawal of Motions
53. Order and Precedence of Motions
54. Motion to Adjourn
55. Motions Not Debatable
56. Motions Not in Order
57. Effect of Indefinite Postponement
58. Motion to Reconsider
59. Debate on Motions to Reconsider
60. Reconsideration of Question Requiring More than Majority Vote
61. Effect of Motion to Table
62. Motion Must Be Germane
63. Previous Questions
64. Time of Meeting
65. Order Of Business-Daily
65A. Recess for Introductions
66. Priority of Business
67. Special Orders
68. Reports and Messages Receivable at Any Time
69. Consideration of Local Bills
70. Special Calendar
71. Kinds of Committees
72. Committee of the Whole
73. Rules of Proceeding in the Committee of the Whole
74. Consideration of Bills in Committee of the Whole
75. Motion to Rise Decided Without Debate
76. Standing Committees
77. Jurisdiction of Committees
78. Composition of Committees
79. Duties of Committees
80. Bill Not to Be Divided among Committees
81. Reports of Committees
82. Discharging Committee from Consideration of Bill
83. Committee Meetings
84. Committee Hearings
84A. Witnesses Before Committees
85. Committee Clerks
86. Committee Records
87. Committee Quorum; Subcommittees
88. Minority Views
89. House Rules to Govern Committee
90. Select or Special Committees
91. Conference Committees and Reports
91A. Bills and Joint Resolutions-Time Limit on Introducing
92. Method of Introducing
92A. Bill Carryover
93. Bills to Be Presented in Quadruplicate
94. Joint Sponsors of Bill
94A. Introduction of Bills by Request
95. Reference to Committees
95A. Fiscal Notes
95B. Correctional System Fiscal Impact Note
96. What Bills to Contain
97. Bill Not to Embrace More Than One Object
98. Reporting Bills from Committee
99. Printing of Bills
100. Recommitment of Bills
101. Reading Bills
102. Bills to Have Three Readings
103. Bills--First Reading
104. Bills--Printing and Availability to Members
105. Amending and Engrossing Bills
106. Time Bills to Go into Effect
107. Senate Bills
108. Resolutions
108A. Policy of the House as to Concurrent and House Resolutions
109. Introduction of Resolutions
110. Action on Resolutions
111. Petitions
112. Amendments-Forms For
113. Must Be Germane
114. Time for Offering
115. Reading and Stating
116. By Striking Out Enacting Clause
117. Amendment to an Amendment
118. Amendment to Have Precedence Over Substitute
119. Motion to Amend to Have Precedence Over One to Strike Out
120. Filling Blanks
121. No Amendment by Way of Rider
122. Agreeing to Senate Amendments
123. Amendment by Section
124. Amending Titles
125. Amendments to Senate Bills
126. Amendments to Be Printed in Journal
127. Speaking on Amendments
128. Journal-Clerk to Keep
129. Approval and Correction
130. Printing Official Copies
131. Journal to Be Printed Daily
132. Form and Content of Journal
132A. Inserting Remarks in Journal
133. Rescinding or Amending Rules
134. Suspension of Rules
135. Manual and Rules
136. Miscellaneous Rules-Persons Admitted to the Floor
136A. Smoking and Use of Tobacco Products Prohibited
137. Lobbying in the House Chamber
137A. Registration of Lobbyists
138. News Correspondents and Reporters
139. Lounging Prohibited in the Hall of the House
140. Peddling Prohibited
141. Regulating Use of Halls
142. Oaths
143. Janitors